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A Cry for Help from the Forest.

Paying Attention to Subtle Messages Saved  a Life. August 2017 My eyes take in the beauty of the trees behind my house, only to notice that the giant oak tree living there is losing it's leaves ... in August.  This shouldn't happen until October.  Something is wrong,...

Forsythia Spring

Yellow - The Color of Joy It has been an early spring here in New England, and also a long one.  So many flowers are blooming very early and staying in bloom a long time because the temperatures, although 20 degrees above normal on average, are still fairly cool....

Meeting Elementals

Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash Are human beings the only sentient life on Earth? Is Middle Earth a real place?   OK, so you may be thinking from my other blogs that I'm a bit on the weird side anyway, so you'll keep reading this just have a good laugh. ...

White Pine Beauties

I've always loved trees.  As a small child, there was one particular maple tree right at the top of the driveway of our home that seemed very large and old to me, and I thought it was beautiful.  Our house was on a tree-lined section of state road, and that tree...


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