An Unexpected Guest Update – Kitten Success Story

by | Jun 20, 2010

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“Mischief” Managed!

Just thought you’d all like to know that the little kitten who arrived on my doorstep last Monday morning hungry, lost, and terrified, is now happily living in her new home here in Connecticut.

I finally connected with her new human family, all of whom love her.  They named her “Mischief ”  because she is now into everything.  I think the name suits her just fine.

After 3 days of being scared, she has taken over the household.  She’s getting all the food she can eat, is gaining weight, runs around everywhere, sleeps on the bed, purrs happily, loves to be petted, has a 10-year old human girl to play with, and is doing just fine.  The veterinarian checked her out as OK, too, and everyone was smart enough not to shove vaccinations into a stressed out little kitten.

That’s what I like – happy endings for everyone!


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  1. Jeannine


  2. Lisa Miller

    This heartwarming story with a happy ending just made my day!

  3. Muriel

    That is just wonderful news. I am so happy to hear about these kind of success stories…

  4. Monique

    Great ending! Thanks for the update!!!

  5. Mary Helen

    It’s a wonderful ending to your story.

  6. Nell

    So happy to receive this, Nedda. Let’s hear it for Mischief and her rescuers. You had a major part in manifesting this win/win for everyone. Perhaps it was not at all about what you were thinking. Maybe this is all just about joyful sharing of profound gifts – yours, Mischief’s and the family who adopted her ;-D

  7. Barbara

    Good one!


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