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 My name is Nedda Wittels, and I welcome you with all my heart.



This website is dedicated to assisting you and your animals as you move forward together into Unity Consciousness and 5th Dimensional Living.

While we each have our own unique path to follow, we do not take our journey alone.  Support is always available from beings both in and out of physicality.
As we hold the Light and Love for each other, we assist everyone else on this journey.  As we change our own Consciousness, we change the Group Consciousness of all Humanity.
This is why all change begins within you.

Nedda’s Background and Experience

Telepathic with animals since childhood.
Professional Animal Communicator since 1994.
Multidimensional Energy Healer since 1998
Spiritual Empowerment Coach since 2009.

BA from Cornell University
MS from SUNY at New Paltz
MA from New York University

Animal Communicator Specialist
Hands-on Healer
Usui Reiki Master
Master of Multidimensional Healing (NPMDT)
Master Teacher
Certified The Emotion Code™ Practitioner

Nedda with Echo, her teacher.

Echo and Nedda

Nedda with Echo, her teacher.

Starlight is Echo Reincarnated.

A Personal Welcome.

As a small child, I felt the emotions of animals empathically. I often knew what the family pets were feeling and what they wanted.  Fortunately for me, my parents told me I was just pretending, so I kept on “pretending”!

Only after getting Echo, my very first horse who came to me when I was already in my 30’s, did I learn that telepathic communication with animals is real.

Some years later, a friend lent me a copy of Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith.  I imagined that I was going to teach myself to communicate telepathically by following the instructions in that book.  Instead, the compartments in my head where I had separated my conversations with animals from the rest of my life dissolved.  Suddenly I knew that Animal Communication was Real, True, and Natural for all beings.

I experience all animals as feeling beings, intelligent and self-aware. They have their own souls, their own unique perspectives, and their own life purposes. This is the basis for all of my professional work in Animal Communication today.

Echo told me she and I have been together for thousands of lifetime.  In this life she was with me as a horse for 22 years until she was 32 years old.  Today, Echo, in her spirit aspect, works with me from the higher planes in facilitating healing, teaching Animal Communication, and offering spiritual wisdom.  Simultaneously, since 2012, she has been with me as Starlight, a Siamese cat, who is also a great teacher..

In the 1970’s I began rediscovering who I truly am.  My conditioning as a child was to deny the Truth.  I began by taking a class in Hatha Yoga, and then learned Transcendental Meditation.  In the early 1980’s I studied the Silva Method,  a powerful system of self-empowerment.  Then in 1986, I received shaktipat initiation (kundalini awakening) from an Indian Siddha Master.

I often say that I have lived many lifetimes within this current life.  I was a student for many years beyond high school.  I was a high school social studies teacher for 10 years.  I was a word processing specialist, office temp, secretary, and office systems manager.  After that I spent 10 years in middle management in a small computer software house as a systems analyst doing customer support and software design.

More about my life’s journey.

In 1994, I began my Divine Service in telepathic Animal Communication offering Energy Healing for animals and humans.  Eventually added Spiritual Empowerment Coaching to my services because I realized that it is essential for us to each reclaim our personal power.

As I look back on the experiences of my life, I notice over and over again that every step along the way has led me to try true path and calling.

Even times when it appeared that I was headed in the “wrong” direction, I was still on my path.  Each experiece, each “lifetime within this lifetime” has contained essential elements and lessons that have made it possible for me to be of Divine Service doiug the work I incarnated to do.

Since 1994, I have given over 8,000 private consultations for thousands of animals and humans around the globe. I have spoken with and learned from a wide variety of species, such as horses, cats, dogs, lamas, alpacas, iguanas, cockatiels, parrots, gorillas, and a pet tarantula.

Remembering who you truly are.

This life’s journey is about remembering the Truth of who you are, a Divine Expression, a fractal of Infinite Consciousness.  This is not limited to any one being, but true of all beings.

As a Lightworker, Starseed, and Spiritual Empowerment and Ascension Coach, I facilitate healing for others who are on the Ascension Path, a journey back to Unity Consciousness.

This event is happening right now, here on Planet Earth.  If you have not already begun this process, you can still choose to begin at any time.  All are welcome – no exceptions.

Let’s join together to create the world we truly want to experience, a world based on Infinite Love, and Infinite Compassion, and Abundance for all.

We are each the Christ Consciousness, capable of performing miracles in our own lives.

To change the outer world, we must change our inner one.

This is the way to healing and wholeness.

My Mission

When I aligned with my Soul’s purpose and chose to align with my I Am Presence, my mission became clear.

By choosing alignment, I receive higher guidance in my personal life and service to others.

Over time, my desire for alignment became a desire to merge completely with my I Am Presence, to achieve Self-realization.  This is the ultimate transformation and Ascension available to everyone who chooses it.

It is my mission to help humans as they awaken spiritually to the Ascension process that is occurring on the Earth at this time.  This process offers many challenges as well as infinite benefits.  Many are struggling to find and take back their personal power.  It is my mission to respect, support, and encourage them in this process.

As we move through the Ascension process, we are releasing patterns of denser, limited, lower vibrational frequencies.  It is part of my mission to be a Way-shower, to demonstrate, through my own life, how to release those patterns and to release all limitiations and imbalances, restoring perfect health at all levels.

One way I assist people in the release of old patterns is to raise their Consciousness about animals.  Animal Communication is part of this mission bcause it assists individuals to remember that all are One.  It gives opportunity for expanding one’s perspective by recognizing that all separation is illusory, and that there is only One Consciuosness in existence, regardless of physical form.

Through Animal Communication session, clients open to the understanding that animals are sentient beings with spirit and soul.  We are part of the web of life, as are the animals.  The animals, plants, Nature Spirits, the Earth and all her elements, and all beings and forms throughout the Universe are interconnected with us.  Everything we think, feel, and do directly affects them as well as ourselves.

Consciousness is everything and everything is Consciousness.  You are me and I am you.  Separation is an illusion, for truly, we are all One being.  There is only ONE being in existence.

Whatever I experience as existing outside myself is a reflection of my own inner state.  To change the world I must change myself, for as long as I hold limiting beliefs and judgments, that is how long they will be reflected back to me.  What I experience is a reflection of my inner state called to me through the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, I must take full responsibility for what I attract into my awareness.

This mission is both personal and professional.  As I work towards fulfilling my mission, I change who I am and how I interact with others of all species.    My own Consciousness expands and vibrates  at higher frequencies.  This teaches me to maintain a higher perspective on all things.  Creating win/win outcomes is an expression of this shift in Consciousness.

To fulfill my mission, I commit myself to being as clear a channel as possible and to vibrate at the highest frequencies possible.  I commit myself to live in and come from my higher heart center, thus expressing compassion, non-judgment, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity of spirit, and limitless “love without conditions” to all.

When I stand in my power I model empowerment for others who seek to do the same.

I fulfill this mission by:

  • Working on myself every day to recognize the places in myself that need healing, to bring darkness and shadow within myself into the Light, and to integrate the Light in all areas of my life.
  • Seeing the world outside myself as reflection of my inner world; by healing myself, I heal the world.
  • Taking full responsibility for everything I experience as my own creation.
  • Living a reverent life with respect and love for all living beings regardless of physical form.
  • Staying focused on my mission.
  • Remembering to “see God in each other.”
  • Helping myself and others see the “higher” perspective in each situation, as this creates an opportunity for raising awareness and Consciousness.
  • Acting as an ambassador between species when called upon to do so.
  • Offering Animal Communication sessions to humans who want to communicate more fully with their own animals.
  • Offering services that assist those awakening into full Consciousness of who they are:  God-Self in physical form.
  • Facilitating and negotiating the resolution of problems between humans and animals living together.
  • Being a channel for Light, Love, and Healing for humans, animals, the Earth, and other Earth Kingdoms.
  • Holding the highest vibration possible within all my bodies and Consciousness.
  • Sharing information about alternative systems of healing for others and their animal companions, as appropriate.
  • Giving talks on Animal Communication and Spiritual Ascension to raise the consciousness of humans.
  • Teaching classes that facilitate humanity’s spiritual development.
  • Educating others about subjects related to my mission.

My Vision

We create everything we experience, no exceptions.

Whatever we focus on, we energize and magnetize into our reality.

By aligning vibrationally with our choices, we create more easily and more rapidly than ever before.   This is available as part of our Spiritual Ascension.

The world I visualize is based on Unity Consciousness, win/win solutions, Divine Neutrality, and harmony with Mother Gaia and all life everywhere.

Infinite Consciousness has created all that is, and we are each a fractal of that Consciousness.  Some call it God.  Some call it Mother/Father God.  Some call it Great Spirit.  There are many names, but all refer to the same Creator Consciousness.

You and I, as expressions of that Consciousness, carry within us all the potential and all the other qualities of the Divine.  We each get to choose what we will create.  Therefore, I invite you to create Consciously, instead of unconsciously.

Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, is now a 5th Dimensional being.  I envision living on Mother Gaia, a world where everyone lives in Unity Consciousness with open hearts that embrace without judgment.   This is a world in which …

Each human being is fully telepathic and aware of the Unity of all things and all beings.

Humans treat all sentient life as equals and respond with Love, Respect and Cooperation instead of fear.

Humans, Animals, Nature Spirits, Plants, the Earth, and beings from other worlds and dimensions exchange information and energy easily, telepathically.

Humans live in peace and harmony within themselves, with each other, and with all of nature.

We all share fully in the bounty and abundance we create together.

In my vision, humans live from their Heart Center where non-judgment, forgiveness, and compassion abound.


Won’t you share in my vision?

The chaos we are observing and experiencing at this time is due to the dissolving of the old, lower vibrational patterns in all aspects of our lives:  economic, social, political, personal.

Mother Earth has already ascended to the 5th Dimension.  As Mother Gaia, she invites all who choose to move on from duality to join her in Unity Consciousness.

You are invited to remember the Truth of who you are:  a Soul, a Divine Being, temporarily having experiences in the denser frequency range known as the third dimension.

The Divine Self of All lives within you as you.

Your animal friends and companions are teaching you about yourself by reflecting your own issues.

The animals are teaching you about living from Love instead of fear.

They are teaching you about kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and patience, for these are some of the most important qualities of the Heart.

The future offers many positive and amazing opportunities for you.

Here are a few ways to make your life better.

  • You can transform obstacles on your path into gifts and find hidden gold nuggets in life’s challenges!
  • You can learn to integrate your daily life with spiritual development.
  • You can use your free will to choose to follow your Life Path as you designed it before you took birth.
  • You can heal past hurts with forgiveness; give up old patterns that keep you small; and move beyond limiting beliefs into expansiveness.
  • You can choose to focus on the “now moment” instead of being caught up in the past or always looking into the future.
  • You can choose discernment by deciding to trust your own inner wisdom instead of beig a cork on the ocean of other people’s opinions.

Here’s how to begin shifting into Unity Consciousness.

  • Live from your heart instead of your head.  Your heart has infinite wisdom and a brain more powerful than the one inside your head.
  • Learn to communicate with your I Am Presence.  Your I AM Presence is YOU at the very highest vibrational frequencies. and really does know who you are and what you need.  Your I AM Presence loves you without limitation.
  • Ask for assistance.  Because you have Free Will, assistance is given ony when you ask for it.  To give assistance that is not requested violates Free Will and Higher Law.
  • Recognize all the ways in which “the world out there” is a reflection of your inner world. Discover that, when you change something inside yourself, the reflection and your experience of it also change.
  • Focus within and clean up your 3-D debris to experience joy, excitement, fulfillment, and enthusiasm for your life.
  • Take back your personal power and stop giving it away to others. You are a Divine Fractal of Infinite Consciousness.  No one is more important, more special or more worthy than you are.
  • Step into Divine Neutrality.  Step out of judgment.  When you judgment something as good or bad, you attach your energy to it.
  • Love yourself.  Looking for Love in all the wrong places? Look inside. Lack of self love is the scarcest commodity on this planet. Loving yourself is essential to living from your heart center, and living from your heart center is essential to successfully navigating through these powerful energies
  • Know that you are worthy of EVERYTHING.

You were created to live in joy and to carry Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Grace.

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I look forward to meeting you privately or in teleclasses, and to assisting you and your animal family.  The animals are ascending with us, and the ability to communicate telepathically is something they are eager to teach you.


With Love and Respect,

Nedda Wittels


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