Multidimensional Body Scan

No matter the shape or condition of your body,
a scan can reveal valuable information.

Multidimensional Body Scan Sessions

Tree spirit body.

The shape of your body is perfect for your Soul's journey.

Benefits of Receiving a Body Scan

Durinng a body scan, you may learn about health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, and spiritual matters as related to your overall well-being and spiritual path.

Do you want to know . . .

  • Where you are hiding from your self and others?
  • Where you’re resisting DIVINE LOVE in your life?
  • Where you’re holding onto EMOTIONAL PAIN?
  • What BELIEFS you’re clinging to that keep you in LIMITATION?

You may also RECEIVE CONFIRMATION on what needs to be addressed for accelerated healing and personal ascension.

You may also DISCOVER new information that will assist you on your path.

What Happens During a Body Scan.

During your body scan, your I Am Presence, personal guides, and other higher aspects of you guide Nedda to the parts of your body that are asking to share information with you or that need your attention.

Nedda shares the information she receives with you.  Sometimes guidance is provided as to how to address specific issues.

As this is not a healing session, no healing techniques are used to remedy specific situations.

You may ask whatever questions that arise for you.

Human Energy Bodies and Related Primary Chakras.

You Have Many Bodies in This Dimension and Even More in Higher Dimensions.

While on the Earth Plane, you have 7 bodies, each of which has specific tasks to perform and each of which expresses particular aspects of your being.

Each body is also associated with a specific primary chakra, as indicated in the image above.  The chakras feed clear energy into your bodies and expel dense energies.  When they are damaged or blocked in some way, you may experience discomfort, pain, and/or illness in the areas associated with that chakra.

As you Ascend to higher levels of Consciousness, you will find that you have many more bodies.  For example, you have a Light Body that may already be illunated and active.  If there is damage or interference in your Light Body, that body may need repair or clearing.

All your bodies are interconnected and affect one-another, contributing to your experiences in each lifetime.  Therefore, during a body scan, it can be informative to speak with specific bodies to see what messages they might offer you.

Multidimensional Body Scan Testimonials


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