Preparation for Surgery

Set energies and intentions for a successful, comfortable, and rapid recovery from surgery and other medical procedures.

Preparation for Surgery:
a Special Type of Healing Session.

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Setting the Stage for Your Surgical or Medical Procedure.

While surgery may be necessary to resolve or improve certain health situations, it is always an invasive process.

When you’re in the best possible frame of mind, emotionally calm, with your physical body in a balanced and harmonious state, you’re more likely to respond optimally to any treatment.

In a Preparation for Surgery™, the following are all prepared in advance of your surgery:

  • You, your mind and intentions, and your physical and energy bodies.
  • The physical space where the surgery will take place.
  • The recovery area where you will be after the surgery is complete.
  • The higher selves of the surgical team are invited to clear anything that might interfere with a perfect surgery.

You want to go into any surgery more relaxed, confident, balanced, and grounded.

When you are, this assists your immune system and the natural healing abilities of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to recover more quickly and fully.

Benefits You May Receive.

Regardless of the type of surgery or medical procedure you will be having, Preparation for Surgery™ helps you feel more empowered and more in charge.

You may experience many improvements in your physical, emotional, and mental state as a result of this preparatory work.

The specific improvements you experience will depend on your intentions and on what your body needs to do to prepare and then heal itself after the surgery.

In general, you may experience:

  • A DECREASE in physical and/or emotional discomfort.
  • A feeling of RELAXATION and overall sense of WELL-BEING.
  • An INCREASE in energy and mental clarity.
  • Feeling MORE connected, balanced, and grounded.
  • IMPROVEMENTS in immune system function.
  • MORE RAPID healing and recovery.

Healing energy can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously!  It doesn’t matter where the surgery will take place.

A Session in Two Parts

There are two parts to the session when you pay for this service.


You and Nedda will meet by phone, Zoom, or Skype prior to the surgical date to review the information you provide on the Preparation for Surgery Intake Form.  (The link for this form is available on the page where you pay for this service.)

The intake form requests all the information that is needed for a successful Preparation for Surgery.

Meeting to review that information is especially  important when it comes to creating clear and powerful intentions for your surgical event and to answer any questions Nedda may have about your surgery or medical procedure.


The day before your surgery, Nedda works with the assistance of the healing teams, angelic teams, and the “I Am Presence” of all concerned to put in place all that you and she have discussed .  

Nedda does this part of your session without phone or other technological communication with you. 

The Preparation Process



An ideal healing space is created when the physical space is prepared by angels and nature spirits.

The surgical preparation room, the surgery itself, and the recovery area are all cleared of discordant energies and discarnate beings.

When the clearing is complete, the space is filled with Divine Light and Divine Love, and intentions of safety and optimal healing.


Coordinating with the “I Am Presence” of everyone on the surgical team sets the intention for them to release anything that is no longer appropriate prior to the surgery so that each member of the team is at his/her best mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Your physical body is prepared for the surgery by clearing, balancing, and harmonizing the body’s energies, and providing energetic support. 

Body parts that will be removed are thanked for their service and given love and appreciation.

If, for example, you are having knee replacement surgery or a pacemaker for your heart or any other device is being installed, energy is sent to help your body accept the parts and to vibrationally align those parts with your own energy frequencies.


During the intake conversation, you will be assisted to created powerful intentions for the results of your surgery or procedure.

Examples of some intentions that may assist an optimal outcome are:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate pain during recovery.
  • Deep relaxation and peacefulness throughout the surgery and recovery process.
  • Prepare any body parts that will be removed so that there is minimal stress and bleeding.
  • Integrate any foreign materials that may be placed into the body permanently, such as artificial joints.
  • Adjust the etheric matrix and template for the body to accommodate the surgery and allow complete healing.
  • Release and heal any emotional and mental patterns that may have contributed to creating the need for surgery in the first place.
  • Rapid and complete healing at all levels.

Follow-up to Your Surgery.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions
with regard to pre- and post-operative
surgical care!

After your surgery and while you are healing, you might find an additional energy healing session will accelerate your healing progress.

A brief follow-up conversation with Nedda is recommended to evaluate your needs.  Nedda would like to know how you are feeling, what challenges you are experiencing, and any specific needs you have that you’d like to receive assistance to resolve.

The body releases in layers like peeling away layers of an onion and heals itself bit-by-bit. Everyone’s body is different and the time needed to integrate changes brought about by a healing are also different for each person.

Nedda believes your body should be your guide in deciding how to proceed.  [LINK to MDH Sessions]

Disclaimer:  Please Read.

There is no guarantee or promise, made or implied, regarding the outcome of your surgery or medical procedure as a result of a Preparation for Surgery™ Session.

Nedda Wittels is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness.

  • These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.
  • When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.

The effectiveness of any surgery or medical procedure is entirely up to you, your body, and your Soul. 

  • Your body has Consciousness and has it’s own priorities.
  • Your body and Soul will use the energy from this session to do as they see fit. 

Your Free Will, Soul Contract, and Spiritual Goals for this life stream will not be violated.


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