HASTA: Help and Support for Traumatized Animals

A special service for rescued animals who have experienced trauma and are having difficulties settling in and bonding with their new person.

HASTA Sessions


The purpose of the HASTA Path to Success.

The purpose of HASTA is to help traumatized rescue animals experience love, peace, healing, and security in their new homes.

In today’s world, trauma can come from a number of different circumstances, including but not limited to fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, as well as from abandonment and abuse.

Although rescue organizations do their best to place animals who have had these experience, many animals find it difficult to feel safe, to bond with their new family, and to open their hearts to receive love.

Trauma combined with heartbreak may have caused them to put walls around their hearts, keeping out your love.

Trauma may have made them distrustful of ever having a “forever home”, no matter how many times you tell the animal that they have a “forever home” with you.

Trauma can cause an animal to be overwhelmed by emotions that make learning new things difficult.

Trauma can contribute to unwanted behaviors that are difficult for you to live with and for the animal to change.

Trauma can cause circumstances which you feel are ordinary to trigger unexpected reactions and behaviors in some animals.

It is possible to help these animal recover.

  • Heart walls can be taken down.
  • Emotions can be cleared, and new relationships built.
  • Limiting beliefs can be replaced with expansive beliefs.
  • Trust, once broken, can be restored.

Healing of deep trauma doesn’t happen instantly.  It takes time, patience, persistence, and a variety of techniques and healing modalities, among them Animal Communication and Energy Healing.

The "HASTA" Path to Success

The first step in the HASTA Path to Success is an Animal Communication session.  In that session, Nedda will review with you the animal’s background, as best you know it, and your personal goals and experiences with the animal to date.

Nedda will then speak telepathically with your animal companion to understand the animal’s perspective, and she will share that conversation with you.  Read more detailed information about Animal Communication sessions.

The second step in the HASTA Path to Success is a “Plan of Action” for moving forward to help the animal heal and adjust to his/her new home.

You and the animal will work together with Nedda, and possibly others, to develop a plan.

The “Plan of Action” may include, but is not limited to:

  • Energy Healing Sessions with a variety of powerful techniques.
    Read more detailed information about Energy Healing sessions.
  • Working with a dog or horse trainer.
  • Various types of alternative veterinary medicine, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, honeopathy, and others.
  • Specific Flower Essences.
  • Other appropriate actions for your animal companion and you.

The third step in the HASTA Path to Success is for you to get started and to follow-through in a consistent and loving way.  This will facilitate the healing process and contribute to rebuilding trust.

What Makes HASTA Special?

The HASTA program is special because

  1. You can easily switch between Animal Communication sessions and Energy Healing sessions at no additional charge.
  2. You can send email updates to Nedda between sessions to which Nedda will respond with feedback and suggestions.


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