Animal Preparation for Surgery

A special type of healing session to prepare your companion for neutering, spaying, and other medical and surgical procedures.

Preparation for Surgery:
a Special Type of Healing Session.

Melissa recovering from spaying.  Photo by Nedda Wittels

Benefits of Preparing Your Animal for Surgery.

Whether the surgery is “routine,” such as spay or neuter surgery, or more unusual, such as repairing a cruciate ligament or a broken bone, optimal results are more likely to occur when your animal experiences …

  • A feeling of comfort and calm that will put your animal in the best possible frame of mind and body to receive the treatment.
  • A feeling of optimism about the outcome and a willingness to cooperate with the recovery plan.
  • Energetic support for rapid and complete healing, and for adjusting well to whatever changes may be required.

The Preparation Process: Clearing, Balancing, Setting Intentions, and Energetic Support.


An ideal healing space is created when the physical space is prepared by angels and nature spirits.

The surgical preparation room, the surgery itself, and the recovery area are all cleared of discordant energies and discarnate beings.

When the clearing is complete, the space is filled with Divine Light and Divine Love, and intentions of safety and optimal healing.


Coordinating with the “I Am Presence” of everyone on the surgical team sets the intention for them to release anything that is no longer appropriate prior to the surgery so that each member of the team is at his/her best mentally, emotionally, and physically.


The animal’s body is prepared for the surgery by clearing, balancing, and harmonizing the body’s energies.  Body parts that will be removed are thanked for their service and given love and appreciation.


Examples of some intentions that may assist an optimal outcome are:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate pain during recovery.
  • Deep relaxation and peacefulness throughout the surgery and recovery process.
  • Prepare any body parts that will be removed so that there is minimal stress and bleeding.
  • Integrate any foreign materials that may be placed into the body permanently, such as artificial joints.
  • Adjust the etheric matrix and template for the body to accommodate the surgery and allow complete healing.
  • Release and heal any emotional and mental patterns that may have contributed to creating the need for surgery in the first place.
  • Rapid and complete healing at all levels.

Disclaimer.  Please read.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for veterinary medicine.

Nedda Wittels is not a veterinarian and does not “cure,” or “treat,” or “diagnose” illness or disease in animals.

Consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about your animal’s health. 

Energy Healing does not conflict with veterinary medicine and may facilitate your companion’s healing process.

No specific result is guaranteed or implied as a result of an Energy Healing session.


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