Animal Communication

Nedda communicates telepathically with your animal companions to foster understanding, and to help you create win/win solutions and a plan of action.

Animal Communication Sessions

Nedda with Echo, her teacher.

You and Nedda and your animal(s) all speak together.

In an Animal Communication session, Nedda can telepathically communicate with  more than one animal and can even have a “conference call” where all the animals are connected to her simultaneously when that’s appropriate.

You get to ask questions of your animals and you hear everything Nedda asks them.  Nedda describes for you whatever she  experiences as their responses to questions and everything else she experiences psychically during the conversation.

You don’t need to be physically with your animal at the time of the session.  You may be away on a trip with your animal companions at home, at day care, at a friend’s home, or out in a pasture.  Your animal may be boarding or at the veterinarian’s receiving critical care.

Physical distance is irrelevant to successful telepathic communication, which is instantaneous.  Telephone consultations are just as effective as on-site visits, and allow Nedda to be available to more people in a more timely manner.

All animal species are welcome.

Achieving Your Session Goals

Nedda will ask for your goals at the start of each session to be certain that the session stays on focus.

Nedda’s goal is to help you and your animal share perspectives, and to problem-solve by developing  a WIN/WIN plan of action that is agreed upon by all concerned.  The plan will include “next steps” so you and the animal(s) know what’s going to happen.

Both you and the animal will have to make some changes.  This is why you both need to participate in creating the plan and both have to agree to the plan.

When an animal agrees to work with you to resolve a situation, a plan for resolution is more likely to succeed.

When you are willing to make changes, your animals are more willing to cooperate with you.

Nedda empowers her clients when speaking to veterinarians to ask questions and gather information that will help them and their animals understand options and make choices appropriate to their situation, values, and viewpoints.

Alternative approaches may be suggested for your and your animal’s consideration.

  • Alternative approaches are not intended as a substitute for veterinary medicine.
  • They are intended to support you and your animal, and many actually require an alternative veterinary physician to perform, such as veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy.
  • Many can be used in conjunction with allopathic and alternative veterinary medicine, such as energy healing, flower essences, changes in diet, and others.

Preparing for Your Session.

Make a list of the issues you want to address and the questions you want to ask your animal companions before coming to the session.

Let your animal companions know that Nedda will be speaking to them from a distance, and that you want them to feel free to communicate whatever they want to tell you.

Session Times, Length, and Fees

Sessions start on the hour, weekdays at 10 or 11 a.m.; 2 or 3 or 7 p.m. Eastern Time.  Sessions are by phone, Zoom, or Skype.

Charges are per session, not per animal. Depending on your priorities, it is possible to speak with more than one animal during the session to accomplish your goals.

The session fee includes reviewing and clarifying background information, getting an update on how things are progressing between sessions, speaking with you and each of the animals, and then developing a plan or next steps to move the plan forward.

The session length is anything up to 55 minutes or so.  Read Nedda’s policies regarding session length and fees.

Scheduling Your Session

Once your payment (and intake form for the first session) have been received, your session can be scheduled.  Contact Nedda by phone (860) 651-5771 or email to schedule.  You may also email with questions at any time.

Be sure you complete the intake form and make your payment before you contact Nedda to schedule your session.

Benefits of Animal Communication

Cavu, German Shepherd, loves to communicate.

Typical Issues Where Animal Communication Can Help.


After identifying the source of the problem, steps to restore peace in your home would include, but not be limited to conflict resolution and changes in the way you and the animal interact.


Sudden changes in behavior often indicate a deeper issue.  For example:  cat stops using the litter box; dog not responding to house training; dog not listening to commands; horse suddenly refusing jumps.  Speaking with an animal helps identify the animal’s emotions and thoughts about the situation.


An Animal Communication session is essential before Nedda can do a first-time healing for an animal.

When illness, injury, or surgery is the topic of concern, speaking with you and your animal companion may

  • Help your companion prepare mentally and emotionally for neutering and spaying.
  • Help your animal accept restrictions necessary for healing of a broken limb or physical illness;
  • Help your animal understand the surgical or medical procedure, which may reduce their fears and anxieties about what will happen, and especially if your animal has to stay overnight or longer at the vets.

In the session, Nedda gathers information from you, from your animal. and from the animal’s body that may assist in veterinary diagnosis and/or treatment.  The session will include a body scan if the animal is comfortable receiving one.

The conversation helps eliminate your animal’s confusion about what the veterinarian said and what medical options are available for treatment.  The animal is encouraged to provide  input and accept treatment more readily.

NOTE:  Preparation for Surgery is the name of a special type of healing session that focuses on laying the energetic foundation for optimal outcomes to surgery and other medical procedures.  It is a separate session from an Animal Communication session.


Is your animal getting ready to leave the physical form?  Does s/he want help?  What are the signs and signals of imminent departure?  Communicate about the transitional process, what your animal needs and wants, and what you are comfortable doing for the animal.  Discussion can include euthanasia vs. transitioning naturally.


Sometimes there are things left unsaid when an animal dies.  Nedda helps you and other human and animal family members say goodbye to the departed. She also assists with grieving. When needed, Nedda helps animals let go and cross over into the Light.


A team effort – an effective partnership – is required for success in obedience, agility, show jumping, and dressage/combined training events.  When the communication breaks down, Animal Communication can help restore clarity and improvements in training and performance. Accurate and subtle two-way communication leads to success.  Often mental imagery will help create a more positive showing experience.


Animal Communication is a powerful way to help you and a rescued animal connect more deeply and establish trust.  A greater appreciation of each other may come from understanding each other’s perspectives, past lives together, and current life purposes.  Animals who have been traumatized benefit greatly by being heard.


While Nedda is neither a veterinarian nor an animal nutritionist, a review of what you are currently feeding (or not feeding) your animal may reveal some of the underlying causes for illness and behavioral problems.  Expanding your knowledge of different approaches to feeding and of dietary supplementation can ease, manage, and/or reverse a variety of situations.


Prepare your companion for changes such as:   moving, vacations, new baby, death of a human or animal family member, decision to adopt a new animal, marriage, divorce, teen off to college, kids off to summer camp, and so on.

Explaining in advance (and even after the fact) helps ease your companion’s mind, reduces stress, and help them adjust more easily and rapidly to new situations more easily.  Answering their questions and concerns helps everyone feel better.

Disclaimer.  Please read.

Animal Communication is not a substitute for veterinary treatment.

Nedda Wittels is not a veterinarian and does not “cure,” or “treat,” or “diagnose” illness or disease in animals.

Consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about your animal’s health. 

Information gathered during an Animal Communication session may be shared with your veterinarian at your personal discretion, but please remember that most veterinarians still do not recognize that animals communicate telepathically with humans.

No specific result is guaranteed or implied as a result of an Animal Communication session.

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