Energy Healing for Animals

Helps facilitate your companion’s recovery from physical illness, injury, emotional stress and trauma, and medical/surgical procedures by supporting your animal’s natural healing abilities.

Energy Healing Sessions for Animals

Nedda works privately with your animal companion.

Energy Healing assists animals to recover from events that challenges their health and well-being.

During the session, Nedda and the animal do not speak, except when Nedda checks in with the animal to make sure s/he is comfortable, or when the animal expresses a need for the healing to be adjusted for greater comfort.  For this reason and others, the session is done just with the animal.

Your animal must be willing to receive the healing.

At the start of each Energy Healing session, Nedda always asks the animal if s/he is willing to have the session.

It is imperative that an animal agree to have the healing.  To do a healing without the animal’s permission violates their free will, and thus Higher Law.  In addition, the animal may resist, and that would interfere with the healing process.

Experts Healers from the Higher Realms are called in to participate.

Nedda facilitates healing teams from the highest spiritual levels who are experts in both the unique aspects of a species and the unique issue facing the individual animal. Nedda may be shown what any given team is doing, or the experts may just do the work.  Nedda is frequently being educated by these teams.

Your animal's body already knows how to heal.

The body’s innate healing abilities are enhanced during a healing session in which

  • Physical, emotional, and mental blockages are cleared.
  • Prana (life force energy) and other energies that facilitate healing are provided.
  • Communication among appropriate parts of the body is enhanced.
  • The etheric template for the body is repaired.
  • Balance and harmony are partially or fully restored.

To a large degree, each individual chooses how much and how quickly they will heal.

No one, not even a veterinarian, can predict how quickly or completely any individual will heal.  This is true because …

  • Each individual is unique.
  • Each situation is unique.
  • Each one’s healing process is unique.

Therefore, it is inappropriate to accept a statistical average as relevent to your animal’s healing and recovery.

The body releases in layers, which may require multiple healing sessions.

Sometimes just one healing session is needed to resolve an issue.

However, bodies release old patterns in layers, like peeling away the layers of an onion.  This makes it nearly impossible to predict how many Energy Healing sessions an individual animal will need.  Therefore, multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve an optimal result.


In western society, we have been taught to expect a “quick fix”. We want to “pop a magic pill” into the mouths of our animals and give them instant relief. This approach can sometimes mask symptoms and even create side effects that may interfere with the body’s own natural healing processes. A complementary or alternative approach to healing may provide the best results in the long term.

Observing your animal after a healing session.

After each healing session, Nedda will send you an email with a brief description of what was done during the session.  The email includes this information:

Don’t be surprised if your animal companion seems unusually tired or sleeps more than usual for the next 24-36 hours.  If he or she is unusually active, please encourage resting for the same period of time to allow the energy changes to integrate.  Your animal might be a bit grumpy during the integration process as well.

Please note that both during and immediately after a session, your animal may feel much better, only to feel worse again soon after the session as another layer rises to the surface to be released or healed.

The integration process can take several days and even up to a full week.  It’s important that you observe your animal and make note of changes, both large and small.

10 Minute Follow-up Call.

Included with each healing session is a 10-minute phone call for you to update Nedda on your observations and for Nedda to answer any questions or concerns you have about the healing.

This helps determine whether an additional healing is needed and how soon to schedule it.

If  you have other concerns to discuss with Nedda, those are discussed in an Animal Communication session.


Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

Sakhara resting.

Distance is not a limitation.

Energy Healing can be sent and received anywhere instantaneously.

Your animal may receive some of these benefits:

  • Relief of symptoms, including physical and emotional discomfort and pain.
  • Strengthen the immune system to help eliminate unfriendly micro-organisms and other parasites.
  • Accelerate the body’s ability to mend broken bones and repair damaged soft tissue.
  • Repair the body’s etheric blueprint or template, which helps the body’s natural healing process to be more effective.
  • Cleanse, balance, and integrate chakras.
  • Cleanse and balance the auric field.
  • Unwind and release energy patterns that slow or prevent complete healing.

Your animal may show some of these changes:

  • Faster and more complete healing from illness, injuries, and surgery.
  • Greater ease in moving around; more frequent and easier ability to get up and/or lie down; longer periods up, and other variations.
  • Increased relaxation in mind, body, and spirit.
  • More energy and playfulness.
  • Desire to spend more time with others in the family.
  • Increased feeling of peacefulness.
  • Improved appetite.
  • Improved immune system function.
  • And more ….

Disclaimer.  Please read.

Energy Healing is not a substitute for veterinary medicine.

Nedda Wittels is not a veterinarian and does not “cure,” or “treat,” or “diagnose” illness or disease in animals.

Consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about your animal’s health. 

Energy Healing does not conflict with veterinary medicine and may facilitate your companion’s healing process.

No specific result is guaranteed or implied as a result of an Energy Healing session.

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