Cooperation from the Standing Ones

by | Apr 8, 2012 | Natural Connections | 6 comments

Tree damage.


Two Trees Leave the Earth Plane

After the devastating storm of October 30, 2011, many trees were damaged, to put it mildly.

Yesterday, the tree service man who takes care of my trees, JP, came to take down two very large oak trees standing within 4 feet of the corner of my house.  These two trees stood so close to each other that their roots are totally intertwined.  This means that if one comes down, they both have to come down because the remaining tree would be unstable.

JP is a very tall, very handsome man who climbs trees to do his work.  No big equipment for him.  JP communicates with trees.  He feels their energy.  He allows himself to be guided by their messages to him.


The day before JP was to come here, I did a sacred ceremony in my back yard.  I called in Mother Earth, Father Sun, the 4 directions, my personal guides, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of the property, the standing ones (trees), and all the other Earth Kingdoms.  I asked permission to remove the trees and offered tobacco that I had prayed over.  When I finished, I touched each of the trees that were to be cut down and said my goodbyes.

The next morning, I went back to the two trees and placed a bit of holy water on each tree’s trunk.  When I touched one tree, it’s energy felt cold by comparison to the energy of the other tree.  Actually, both trees felt different to my touch from the day before.  Both felt less alive – as if the life force of one was gone and of the other, the larger one, was nearly gone.

Tree Removal

JP arrived with his helper and got to work around 9 a.m.  He told me they were going to quit at noon and finish up during the coming week.  So around 11:45 I went outside to see what was happening.

JP said, “I’ve got to tell you some things.  They’re all good things, but I don’t have time to give you the full story now because I have to leave.”

He took me over to the base of the trees.  Both were already completely down.  “Look at this one,” said JP.  “It was really good to take this one down, as it was rotting.”

Sure enough.  JP showed me how the tree where the energy had felt cold was already wet and rotting from the damage last fall, as water had gotten into it.

Then, while still rolling up his ropes, JP pointed to a large oak tree across the yard and along the tree line.  “See that big oak?”  he asked.   “I was up in the bigger tree that had to come down and looking over at that oak and trying to figure out how to drop this tree without damaging the oak.   I thought I had the angle just right, but . . . it was amazing.  That big oak over there caught this tree as it fell.  It didn’t even lose a branch.  It was as if it gently caught it and then allowed it to sink down.  It helped me take this tree down.”

JP was amazed.  I was, too, but I also knew that I had asked all the beings to assist in this process, to make it safe for the men who would be doing it, and to help the spirits of the trees who were leaving.

After JP and his helper finish up on Tuesday, I’ll go outside, do another ceremony, and request assistance to rebalance the yard.

All is in Divine Harmony when we work with Nature.



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  1. Barb & Harold

    Ah, I will remember this. Thank you, and JP.

  2. Paulinka

    wow, absolutely beautiful ! Thank you for sharing that !

  3. Nell

    How beautiful, Nedda. Feeling a plethora of emotions through the words, while as you say, everything is in Divine Harmony. Thank you for showing what can happen when we allow it, while asking and receiving guidance and assistance on all levels.

  4. Jeannine

    Wonderful, Nedda! Such a great lesson for me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Gina

    Thank you Nedda. That was a beautiful post.

  6. brigitte

    Beautiful! You know, during that storm as i lay awake listening to the “fireworks” of crashes branches and trees around my house, i was granted a glimpse of their profound JOY at the cleansing, the removal of dead, diseased and dying wood. All is well in Divine order.


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