Animal Communication in Everyday Life – Recording Available

A teleclass for you and your animal companions.

You can use telepathy with your animals every day.

Learn how when you attend this teleclass.


Even if you’ve never taken
a class in Animal Communication,
you can benefit from this class.

GOAL:  to facilitate better communication and understanding between you and your animal companions. 

Animal Communication is not just for special occasions.

Animal Communication is for daily life.

“I talk to my animals all the time,” you may say.


And do you also “listen”?

Do you “hear” or “feel” or “sense” their response?

Class content

LEARN and PRACTICE a simple technique for communicating with your animal companions – any time, anywhere.

The following situations for using Animal Communication will be discussed.

1- How to use a telepathic
“broadcast” to animals in the wild.

2- How to “sense” what a sick animal is feeling.

3- How to approach your current companions about bringing home a new animal friend.

4- How to prepare your companion for visitors.

There will be time for Q&A.

Benefits You may Receive

EXPAND your intuitive abilities and improve your vocal communication with your animals.

BECOME more receptive to what your animal companions are telling you.

LEARN how to communicate with your animals while you’re traveling and your animals are home or staying with others.

LEARN how to communicate with your companions about changes in the family situation so they feel included in whatever is happening.

GET ANSWERS to your questions about how to do all this as a natural part of your daily life.


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Thank you for your interest in learning Animal Communication.

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