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Just How Grateful Can You Be?

This is the season for Gratitude. It's easy to be thankful, to feel gratitude, for things we receive that we recognize immediately as gifts. Can you also be grateful for whatever comes into your life that appears in the form of a challenge? A present that someone...

A Love Letter

From My Heart to Your Heart, May we recognize the Divine Love's presence. May we see each other as One. My Dear One, Is there someone in your life, a friend or relative, whom you find it difficult to love? Perhaps this person was unkind to you, even bullied or abused...

Kindness and Self-Love.

  Do You Expect Others to Love You More Than You Love Yourself? There is a well-known poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that begins, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.... Can you imagine...

Practice Kindness.

Kindness Is Strength. For those of us who spend time and energy sending ourselves all kinds of negative messages about ourselves, I am about to issue a challenge. The challenge is this: For the next 2 weeks, do something KIND for yourself every day, namely . . . spend...


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