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Starlight on Her Own.

Transitioning From Many Cats to Just One. Copyright © Nedda Wittels, 2022 As written by Starlight and Nedda. Nedda: I started writing this post, and then had the thought, "Starlight should be the one to write this."  And then realized that Starlight was, in fact,...

Melissa: A Challenging Life

  Clearing Multiple Lifetimes of Karma in a Single Life Copywrite © Nedda Wittels, 2022 Melissa came into my current life in the fall of 2015. She was already 6 months old.  She brought with her many challenges - for me, for herself, and for Starlight, my...

Melissa, the Huntress.

She arrives quietly, silent as a shadow. her deep minky coat blending into darkness, invisible to my eyes. She sits next to my feet, so close, yet untouching. Not even her tail moving. A presence I do not feel. I am unaware that she's there. Melissa, the perfect...

Delusions of Spring

While Starlight sleeps, Melissa yawns and complains that the weather has been too cold.   It may be different where you live, but here in Connecticut, we're having a very strange winter. Melissa, who loves to be outside and really needs to be outside for a short...


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