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Animal Communication Mentoring- Description and Purchase.

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Mentoring for Professional Animal Communicators

Mentoring Description

Does being an Animal Communicator Professional call to your heart?

This program is designed to assist people who are seeking to become or who already are Animal Communication professionals.

A professional is an expert in a given field of service and one who charges a fee for his or her services.

Animal Communication as a profession is also a calling.  Those who become professionals feel a strong desire to help people and their animal companions, or to help animals in the wild, or both.

If you have already started a private Animal Communication business, or are seeking help to create such a business, professional mentoring can provide you with valuable information, support, insights, and guidance.

The design of your private mentoring program will be uniquely yours to meet your individual goals and needs.

For more detailed information about these mentoring services, download and read:

Private Coaching-Mentoring for AC Professionals 2024.pdf.


Mentoring Benefits

Do these fit your needs?

1. Because Animal Communicators are usually working on our own, it can be difficult to get feedback, discuss cases, and receive support and guidance in our work.

2. There are very few group classes that focus on advanced skills needed for professional situations.

3. Mentoring allows you to focus on real life cases in which you are working with a client. as well as on your own personal issues that cases bring to your attention.

4. Moving through blocks will rapidly expand your business and professional success.

5. Ethical situations can crop up at any time and having a coach gives you access to someone with whom you can brainstorm the ethics of a situation.

6. The business aspects of being a professional are just as important as the psychic aspects. Working with clients is different than doing a session for a friend.

7. Transitioning from informal sessions for friends to a fee-based practice with clients can raise some specific challenges.


New Mentees

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Single session $160.

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Save $125 on 6 sessions.


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