The Power of Purr

by | Nov 25, 2008

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Research Reveals the Healing Power of Cats

Someone is finally researching the feline purr.  For those of us who are cat lovers, the gentle vibration of a purr is very relaxing.  I, myself, have found it to be very healing, both emotionally and physically.

Scientists are testing several hypotheses about whether the vibrational frequency range of the purr actually causes physical healing of illness and injury in cats.  According to the article, The Felid Purr:  A Biomechanical Healing Mechanism, cats often purr in situations where humans would not expect them to be content, such as when injured or when giving birth.

Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing.

If your cat is sick, it may be important for you to encourage your cat to purr.  I’m not sure exactly how to suggest that you do that – it would depend on the cat and on the situation, as touch might be uncomfortable for the cat.  Some ideas:  offer some catnip; stroke a favorite part of the body; speak in soothing tones to the cat; try making purring sounds yourself.

In an animal communication consultation I did for a woman whose cat had died, the loving message from the kitty to the grieving woman was, “Remember to purr.”  The cat wanted his beloved lady to heal from her sadness.  He believed that purring would help.


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