Telepathic Broadcast

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Animal Communication | 15 comments

Help Wanted: Feline Hunter

How does the universe respond

when you send out a general broadcast

or telepathic “call”?

Last October, 2015, Hattie, the semi-feral resident feline of my back yard, opted to leave the physical plane.

Hattie resting in feeding stastion.She was over 16 years old and had a lump on her side.  She consciously decided to leave, found a predator to assist her, and disappeared.

Hattie was an amazing hunter and did a fantastic job keeping rodents away.  She was so good at it that I think I took it for granted.

This winter/spring 2016, my two youngest cats, Starlight and Melissa, have been having their first experiences mousing successfully inside my house.


Melissa and Starlight in cuddle cup.


First the two youngsters, Starlight and Melissa,  cornered an adult field mouse.  [See post, “Mouse on the Ceiling?“]  That mouse eventually got away inside the house.


Then Starlight caught her first mouse and brought it downstairs in her mouth with Melissa close by her side every step of the way.

She and Melissa played with it until I finally caught it in a plastic container and tossed it outside with this message:  “If you’re smart, you won’t come back.”


More recently, Melissa, who is under a year old by 1 day as I write this, all on her own caught a baby mouse upstairs.  She brought it downstairs to show off.

Melissa ran around growling while shouting, telepathically, “I did it!  It’s mine!” at the top of her telepathic voice.

So … great news …

My young cats are proving their hunting skills.

NOT so great news …

I have field mice in the house.

My mind contemplates this question …

When did I last have mice in the house?

Answer …

Before Hattie moved into the back yard,

which was more than 8 years ago.

This is not a coincidence!

Probable conclusion …

Hattie must have kept the field mice out.

Possible solution …

I need another backyard resident cat.

Field mice can do a great deal of damage inside the walls of a house.

I believe in the predator-prey relationship for creating balance.

So …

I asked Hattie to send us someone whom she feels is qualified to do the job.

She’s agreed.


I am sending out a”telepathic broadcast” of a job description for a cat who wants to live outside, have a “home” with food and shelter, and is an excellent hunter.

Probably ought to put out some food to make sure the welcome mat is truly welcoming.

There are quite a few feral and semi-feral cats in the neighborhood.

I wonder who will show up?

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  1. grannycat

    This is interesting! I’m glad to hear that Hattie is still reachable and participating. Sending you a replacement, how cool is that?
    I wasn’t able to access the recording even though I successfully logged in. Are they still active? Maybe it’s due to a limitation in my pad….

    • Nedda Wittels

      I don’t know about IPAD technology, so I couldn’t say about the recordings. They are still free and still available.

    • Lynnie Henderson

      Thanks to both of you. Flower essences are an easy thing to try, so I’ll run down what would be appropriate and spike her water. 🙂 I talked to Teensy last night about letting me know clearly if she wants a companion and she was pretty focused. I told her I just wanted her to be happy and asked her to show me how to do that. Onward.

      • Hellen Edelstein

        Sorry Lynnie I meant Flower Essence Therapy. Alaskan has some blends for grief you can use, and you get stock bottles- so you can dilute them into remedies. They are very pure & potent because of the remoteness of where they grow. Also Green Hope Farm is excellent.

        Ophelia grieved for a year, even though I brought back the body of her companion – and received several AC sessions around it where they communicated, but she still refused to believe he was gone. Excessive vocalization and not being satisfied is one the many symptoms cats display as part of their grief.

        Be patient, it can take about 3 months to work, and it could be beneficial to work in layers and change formulas to address different emotions as she heals and balances.

        Direct dosing is better than putting it in water for acute/chronic cases. I put drops on their treats and gave it just before feeding them their canned food.

        Or even dabbing it on their feet or around their ears. Osiris would come running to lick it off my fingers, he just knew they would help him feel better.

        PLease keep us updated!

  2. Lynnie Henderson

    Does a similar “call” work for bringing a companion cat for the home? I have a 14-year old rescue, Teensy, who came to live with me along with a boy, Buddy, 3 years older. Buddy left the planet last summer and even though the two weren’t exceptionally close (he liked her better than she liked him), Teensy has been anxious ever since. My feeling is that she was used to his presence. But I’m not certain whether to bring in another cat or let her be an only child. I’ve talked with her about it, but don’t have a clear answer. When I read this, I thought that perhaps I should use this same method to see if another cat is supposed to be here. The caveat is that I live in an urban area on a very busy street, so he would be an indoor cat. How would an indoor cat answer a “call” in a way that would be obvious? Any thoughts?

    • Hellen Edelstein

      Lynnie, have you tried FET for Teensy? She may still be grieving. Perhaps she is not clear herself about a new companion, which is why you’re not getting a clear answer either. It can take awhile for an older cat to recover from the passing of their companion, even if not close they had their own thing going. Also, does she know what happened to him, was his passing traumatic, or did he just not come home one day. If you took him away and he did not come back; it could have surfaced any fears she has of being abandoned again.

      My experience with Telepathic Broadcasts is that we are broadcasting all the time! Intentional broadcasting requires that we become aware of the signs and intuitive hunches that the Universe is giving us that our request is being answered.

      So if you are sure that another cat would be right for your family, you might
      suddenly be drawn to go on-line and check out adoption sites. Or you may suddenly hear of a cat that needs a new home via email. It is rare that one just shows up at your door – once we release the way in which the Universe must respond to us, we becomes aware of intuitive impulses that occur in present time – and by following through, the most magnificent synchronicity can occur. 🙂

      • Lynnie Henderson

        Hi, Hellen – I’m not sure what FET is, and a quick Google wasn’t much help. What does the acronym stand for?
        I recently wondered if I had explained what happened to Buddy well enough. He had been declining for about a year, then stopped eating, for the most part. He didn’t hide or indicate pain until his last couple of days, when he groaned every time he took a few steps. I got some strong pain meds to give us a few days of transition, but nothing helped, so I took him in to be released. Teensy had been sniffing him for a few days, and would watch as I comforted him. She didn’t seem upset by it and I think I assumed she understood. I assured her often that he was OK and that we would go on together despite missing him. When I got his ashes, I sat down with Teensy and explained what they were. She sniffed for more than just a curious second, but then strolled away and didn’t return to the ashes that I saw.
        A few weeks ago, just to be certain, we sat down and I went through what happened to Buddy, step by step. She paid rapt attention, but her restlessness has not changed. I have been consciously trying to manage my impatience when she complains over and over without showing me what she needs. (BTW, I have taken her to the vet to make sure nothing physical is wrong. She did have a slight thyroid imbalance, which has been corrected. But her vocal anxiety wasn’t affected.)
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts – send me some info on FET and I’ll try it!

        • Nedda Wittels

          FET might stand for Flower Essence Therapy??

      • Nedda Wittels

        Good advice. You can also ask Teensy to help you invite a cat to come when and if she’s ready to have another companion. If you tell her that she gets to decide when and if the time is “right.” you might find her communicating more about what she is considering. You can suggest that she doesn’t have to make up her mind right away.

        • Lynnie Henderson

          Thank you! I will keep you posted. I really appreciate the help.

  3. Hellen Edelstein

    Nedda,I look forward to hearing about who shows up for you guys! Do your cats go outside? Have there ever been problems with them and the ferals?

    • Nedda Wittels

      Hi, Hellen,

      My cats don’t go outside, officially speaking.

      Hattie used to hang around the back door, so she and the indoor crew got to know each other. Hattie was very lonely for feline company, and got along beautifully with both of them. They would rub heads through the screen door. When Starlight came, Hattie and Starlight hit it off right away. From what I observed, they all enjoyed each other’s company, shared stories of their lives, and got along well.

      • Hellen Edelstein

        Hi Nedda,
        Is there any reason you don’t let them out? Is it too dangerous? I need to get a balcony enclosure for my young one, he would jump right off – he gets very agitated looking out the window at the birds and other wild-life.

        I often dream of having a backyard and strong fence so my cats can get out into nature.

        • Nedda Wittels

          Yes, it’s quite dangerous out there with many very dangerous predators, including hawks, foxes, coy-dogs, wild dogs, feral cats, bobcats, and more.

          In a more natural situation, an experienced mother cat would teach her babies how to survive. That’s how it was when I was a child growing up in the country.

          Today, in my situation, Starlight is an innocent (first time ever as a cat), came from a cattery, and my elder gals are 16 and 19, and not very active at this point.

          Also I have 60+ foot tall trees and no way to help a cat down if they get up high and get stuck. The fire department, I’ve heard, doesn’t come out for this type of problem any more.

          If you’ve seen the slide show about Melissa (also from a cattery) and climbing higher and higher, I expect she’d be up a tree first thing and go as high a possible. I’m sure she’d find her way down, but she was only just spayed and I don’t want her going up trees.

  4. Nedda Wittels

    As a final comment, I would share that so far, no cat has arrived to take on this job of yard and house protector. Perhaps the universe wants me to do a few more things so I can learn and experience around this issue. I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.


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