Sacred Moments.

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Inscrutable Felines.

Sunday afternoon.   A client called to ask for help with her cat who was dying and struggling for breath.  It was an expected passage, and I recognized who it was almost immediately as I attempted to discern the message from underneath a layering of cats.  “Please don’t hang up yet,” I telepathically sent to my client as I struggled to sit up and gently reposition the cats.

As I listened to the sobs in my client’s voice, I could feel that this was me, asking for help with Violet – or it could be.  I was flooded with my client’s grief, and some of my own, too.

I managed to shift cats around and get to the phone before she hung up.  It was a brief call.  Her cat expressed her readiness to depart and to receive euthanasia.  That was all the client needed to know.

As I hung up the phone, I turned to see Violet sitting on the sofa where I had left her.  Still glowing, she is.

“Please don’t reach a crisis on a weekend,” I requested as I gave a deep sigh.

Still radiant with life force, Violet just looked at me knowingly — that inscrutable feline expression that even telepathy doesn’t ever seem to penetrate.

In my heart, I thanked my client for giving me the opportunity to be of service and to be part of her sacred moments with her beloved feline companion.

Then I gave Violet a kiss on her head.  She purred.  Sacred moments abound when we’re open to them


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