Do animals feel pain and emotions?

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Animal Communication | 7 comments

Zebra Reflection in Water

The UK Parliament Says “No.”

What does this limiting belief reflect within us?

This limiting belief that animals feel no pain or emotions still seems to linger on.

Those of us who are empathic and who are awake and aware KNOW  that animals feel pain just as we do, and that they experience emotions just as strongly and deeply as we do.

I received an email about this situation from someone who lives in the UK.  With her permission, I’m sharing our conversation.  She wrote:

Dear Nedda

Allow me to ask you:

How can I help to balance this incredible situation wisely: The UK Government has just voted that animals feel no pain or emotion.

I am beyond words and feel sick. As do many people.

(Also by the way in response for being called ‘human  animals’! Insult both to animals and to real humans. The latter species seems absent in our government anyway.)

I would like to move my soul out of the shock I am in right now, that something like this is possible in 2017 in this country.

What do the animals say that can help me to become helpful in this hellish time?

I am so tired, also, of hearing it will soon be over, as the new era has started. Having heard that for 20 + years … I do know there is truth in it, but right now the insanities around us feel very overwhelming.

Rays of Healing Light please for the extinction-zone species, the farm and the wild animals, all treated with such incredible ignorance and disrespect..

Thank you for hearing me and listening with me.

Looking forward to hear from you


I was so moved by the email that I felt I had to respond immediately.

So often I have felt the same way, i.e, that things are moving too slowly; that the horrors of abuse and mistreatment and ignorance about who the animals (and humans) truly are has gone on far too long.

I have wrestled with this myself, and have finally learned how I want to handle my feelings and the situation from the highest possible level of consciousness that I am ready to embrace.

So I wrote,

Dear Shulamith,

Thank you for your question.

The animals teach us the powers of love and forgiveness.  Those who cannot recognize feeling and intelligence in animals are also lacking in love for themselves.  They are disconnected from the natural world and do not understand that that is a major reason for their own person unhappiness.

So what can we do? 

We can pray for others to awaken, to open their hearts and feel all that there is to feel about themselves, and to love themselves fully.  We can encourage them to begin to fully appreciate this amazing Earth on which we live, to put aside technology and to focus on nature as a friend and partner instead of an enemy and object to be possessed and used. 

And most powerfully of all, we can forgive ourselves for any of the ways in which we may have contributed to the current malaise of cruelty and abuse on this planet – towards each other, towards animals, towards plants, and towards the Earth kingdoms and Nature.

We can also hold the light in our own hearts.  We can become totally forgiving and loving without judgment of ourselves and others.  Some may be choosing to remain in darkness believing there is no other way to live.  By focusing on changing ourselves we become a model for others, who will feel our energy as we move through the world.  This will help many awaken.

We can also send love to the entire animal kingdom daily, and help those whom we can help to be free and to heal from the accumulated pain of mistreatment.

The world is changing, but the changes are happening at grass-roots levels.  The media don’t talk about those changes because they don’t want us to know that they are occurring.  I and other Light Workers are seeing more and more evidence, but we have to go to alternative sources to discover these changes occurring.  There are plenty of these online if you search for them.


I hope that by sharing this conversation, it will remind you, too, that things are changing, if more slowly than we would like them to.

Yesterday morning, I turned on the radio and discovered a local station playing Arlo Guthrie singing the entire “Alice’s Restaurant.”  It brought tears to my eyes when Arlo says to the audience who was asked to sing along with his chorus “that was terrible.  You have to sing louder to end the war.”

The war he was talking about was the US action in Vietnam over 40 years ago.  Yes, that war did end, but the truth is that war never seems to end on this planet.  The powers that be keep it going, moving it from one location on the planet to another.

There always is an excuse for war.  We are always at war somewhere now because . . .

External wars are a reflection of

the wars going on within ourselves.


We are at war

— within ourselves,

— with each other,

— with the animals,

— the plants,

— and all the nature kingdoms.

We must make peace within to have peace outside.


This holiday season, I invite you to go inside and find a spot in your heart where is there no war going on at all.  A place of peace.

If you have difficulty finding that peaceful spot inside yourself, then that may be why there is no true or lasting peace on this planet.

The place of peace does exist inside you.

It’s up to you to find it, nurture it, and begin to live from there.

Changes must come from within, for whatever is within us is reflected back to us from the mirror that is the world outside.

We each have the responsibility to do what is necessary to create inner peace within ourselves.

Only then will the reflection in the outer world change.

You can’t change a reflection by changing the mirror.


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  1. Candy

    I appreciate your response , however you didn’t respond enough to the animals perspective and
    Their suffering. I too am deeply disturbed by the endless animal cruelty- so much so I wish to die and be free of earth s madness. Thank u

    • Nedda

      Dear Candy,

      I respect your viewpoint.

      May I suggest that those of us who are highly empathic can easily get caught up on the feelings of suffering of others, including animals.

      While I know nothing about your personal situation, when we allow the pain that others feel to bring forth our personal pain, it’s an important opportunity to heal ourselves. We can choose to do this, or we can succumb to the pain.

      I, too, find it incredibly painful and disabling if I allow myself to focus on the cruelty and abuse on this planet. I also have found that, for me, this does not bring about changes or help even a single animal.

      So I have learned for myself, and I suggest to you and others, that instead we can liberate ourselves and the animals by considering a different approach.

      1- We can focus on our own inner pain and heal that.
      2- We can focus on the higher perspective and spiritual understanding of life on Earth.

      As we do these things, we each contribute to shifting the consciousness of all humanity.

      In these ways, I believe we will more rapidly end suffering for all on the Earth.


  2. Barbara Bailey

    Hello, yes am brand new to this site and alarmed, saddened to say the least how can anyone even contemplate animals have no feelings, total outrage. Surely even the hardest human knows differently.

    I agree totally with all the comments above. Been working hard for over 20 years to bring more light and love, peace and understanding to our much misunderstood Earth.still loads to do but if only human beings understood we are all one whether animals, trees, plants and us all at different levels of course but animals deserve our respect, protection and should be revered as our brothers and sisters whatever their size.

  3. Doug Hagens

    Thank you Nedda. I needed to hear we each need to find that place of peace in our heart so we can have peace on Earth.

  4. Jennifer

    Thank you, Nedda, for this. It will enlighten my day.

    I’ll remember these words of wisdom: “You can’t change a reflection by changing the mirror”. So true and powerful!

  5. ZoomaPood

    This news of the UK Governments decision came about two weeks after learning that the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) sent notification to all vets that they are not to treat animals by alternative methods but must first try conventional treatment. They have threatened to strike them off the register if they do not comply. I too felt quite sick inside when hearing of these actions and in the short term am rather concerned we may not be able to help our animals using any holistic practice. However, I also see it as a sign of panic among the powers that be. Although we may certainly be in for a rough ride I also think things are not far short of crises point. For myself, I’ve decided to see it as a good sign of better things to come in the near future.

  6. Rachel

    dear All,
    I also cannot believe this recent news about the UK government decision concerning the consciousness of animals. Particularly when the University of Southampton, England, has been publishing results of studies demonstrationg that animals are fully sentient beings, studies which no doubt seem utterly ridiculous and pointless to us, since it is entirely obvious to us that they are so.
    Our existence on this planet, in the universe oftentimes seems to me like a fairytale which has ‘gone grotesque’….
    The only way we can live through this is to see it all as a test of our courage, resilience, compassion and wisdom.
    Thank you to Nedda therefore, for her suggestions.
    Others may have others.
    An encouraging hug,
    Rachel xxxxxxxxxx


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