A Reincarnation Adventure Part 10: Violet, the Teacher

by | Oct 23, 2012 | Nedda's Animal Family | 7 comments

Violet in 2015

Training the Kitten Begins

Violet and Sakhara had been working together energetically and telepathically with Starlight from nearly the first day of her birth.  They had been in cahoots, making plans and having conversations that excluded me, which is fine, although I was curious about all these deliberations.

Violet started showing up outside Starlight’s door on Wednesday of the first week each time I visited the kitten (which was 4 times each day).  She had integrated her chiropractic adjustment, and seemed ready to go to work with Starlight.  She would just sit outside the room quietly and would come downstairs with me after I left.

“Did you get the job of official teacher?” I asked that Wednesday morning.  She affirmed that this was the case.  “Let me know when you are ready to interact with her,” I requested.

A day or so later, I attempted to create a “see and sniff” situation between Violet and Starlight.  Starlight was eager (to put it mildly) to interact with Violet.  I had an old window screen in the basement.  I imagined that by holding it in place with some bricks on the floor the two cats could visit, but Starlight insisted on climbing the screen, with great ease, I might add.  I needed a better plan.

I could remain inside the room with Starlight to try to keep her from climbing over the top, but that would interfere with the Starlight – Violet connection, and I knew I had to stay out of their interactions.

It was psychologically important that I be on Violet’s side of the screen to support Violet’s efforts and not appear to be taking “sides” with Starlight.

I tried hanging a cloth over the upper portion of the doorway using self-sticking velcro, but I didn’t have enough to keep the determined kitten from pushing her way through.

Nothing I came up was working.

I turned to Violet and asked, “What do you think.  Are you ready to interact with her?”

Violet said,  “Yes.”

So I took a deep breath, used the screen to block off the staircase, and let Starlight come running out of her room.  I just sat on the floor near Violet and watched to see what was going to happen between them.

Starlight would come up to Violet, asking her to play and trying to sniff noses.  Violet would yowl and try to cuff  Starlight.  “Cuffing” is a feline way of disciplining a kitten.  It’s done with claws sheathed, as the purpose is not to injure, but to discipline.

Starlight, however, is faster than lightening.  For all of Violet’s efforts, she couldn’t connect with Starlight’s body – not even once!!  Violet had a very frustrating time of it.

I remained on the floor in the hall between my bedroom and Starlight’s room, and watched Starlight and Violet do an amazing dance up and back between the two rooms and into my bedroom.

Violet did a lot of screaming and swatting the air when Starlight approached her.

Starlight would back up, hunch up her back as if frightened, but also playfully, and then come immediately back at Violet again and again, face-to-face or from behind in a kind of “tag” game.

The game went up and back between the two rooms, as Starlight charged up to Violet, who would scream and swat to no avail.  Violet kept trying to get Starlight to back off, but nothing she did had any effect on Starlight.

Violet avoided going into Starlight’s room when Starlight ran in there, but would follow Starlight into my bedroom (which is definitely Violet’s territory, as she sleeps with me nearly every night).

Meanwhile, Starlight was having fun exploring my bedroom, where she had never been before.

After about 20 minutes of this, Violet was tiring.  Starlight, for her part, wasn’t getting tired at all.  She was more and more excited by all this play that she had been missing.

With Violet’s agreement, I decided it was time to stop.  The next time Starlight ran back into her room, I quickly went in and shut the door.

Starlight was disappointed – she could have gone on much longer, but I had other things to do and Violet needed a break.

After we both went downstairs, Violet agreed to repeat this interaction twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Each time we finished, Violet would come downstairs and go to sleep, quite worn out.  Starlight would protest at the door  and then would play by herself with some of her toys.

Each time I separated them, Starlight would say to me,

“I LOVE Violet.  I just LOVE her!”

And, indeed, Starlight DOES love Violet very much.  And Violet needs as much loving as she can get, and this is turning out to be a great gift of healing for Violet, who never really had a feline to play with in this life.    Sakhara was more like a mother to Violet, and mother cats often just watch their babies play.  So I’ve been Violet’s primary playmate until now, when Starlight is teaching Violet how to play with her.

These games went on for 2-3 days, and then the weather turned suddenly cold and the whole arrangement had to be altered.  More about that next time.

The story continues in “A Reincarnation Adventure Part 11:  Topsy Turvy

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  1. Susanne H

    I so enjoy reading about Star’s adventures. Violet is doing a tremendous job. I hope Star wiil be able to show Violet how to let loose and just love and play with her. Blessings to of them and you for embarking on this wonderful journey.

  2. Gunvi Sund

    I have been waiting for the next update.
    What is cahoots? It is very interesting to hear you talk with the cats so effortlessly. Do you ever forget to speak with your mouth? lol
    I do somethimes when communicating with my dogs.

    I sense great respect and understanding of the different personalities as well as great knowlege of felines. I find it interesting because I know a cat that has a lot to say about energies, portals and such things here in Sweden. I’ll be looking forward to more of the story and how it unfolds.

    • Nedda

      Hi, Gunvi,

      To be “in cahoots” means to have a conspirator. Since I was left out of these discussions, it felt a little like a conspiracy of silence. Still, I do trust their judgment, especially when it comes to what will make them happy. As things continue to unfold here, I keep asking for their input so they become more and more comfortable with the kitten, rather than me rushing things along before they’re ready for the next change.

      As for forgetting to use my mouth, I once did that when Echo was still living. I walked into the barn and telepathically said hello to some humans who thought I was being rude because they had not heard me speak a single word.

      With my animals, I tend to vocalize all the time because that how I do my consultations for clients – I speak aloud to the human and simultaneously speak with the animal telepathically.

  3. Karen

    Have enjoyed your posts about Star and Violet. Star sounds like such a bundle of joy, and I am glad to learn that Violet has agreed to interact with Star’s abundant energy. I hope Star can win her over and that they can become a little playful together. It is good that you are giving Violet and Sakahara their space so they don’t resent Star’s presence. It still must be a little hard for Star to be closed up in her room at times as she so wants company. You have a big job finding the right balance for everyone involved. When I adopted a kitten from a shelter my older female cat Tabba was not too impressed, and the hardest thing I had to deal with was jealously from her. It is wonderful you could get agreement from your cats before you brought Star home. This is something I wish I could have done with Tabba.

    I wish you all the best with your lovely cat family.

    • Nedda

      Hi, Karen,

      It has made a huge difference that I can and do talk to my cats. I also help clients resolve these types of issues. If you ever feel that you’d like to work on it with your guys, please consider a session.

      Meanwhile, at the end of just 4 weeks, Violet and Star have bonded. There’s a lot more to this story, which I do plan to blog, once I get my computer settled/set up on Windows 7, to which I upgraded this week. Meanwhile, please be assured that Star has come through the times of isolation with flying colors and all the cats are doing well here.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this.

  4. Rhea

    I too love these posts. I’m worried now about the newspaper being behind your baseboard heater as I read in a previous post….

    I had thought that you stayed in the bedroom with Star the first night or so. I didn’t read it right I guess at the time. I was thinking also that you share your room with her all along. This is interesting that she has her own room 🙂 lol.

    I really admire your cats. They’re so mature and helpful with the kitten. I too love Violet now. 🙂 And Star is so sweet.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting experience.

    • Nedda

      Don’t worry about the baseboard heaters – Star is growing very fast and I’m nearly ready to pull all the newspaper out. I think she would not fit anymore. She has doubled in size, plus a bit more, I think. It’s quite amazing how fast she is growing.

      I agree that Violet has been amazing. Sakhara has been struggling with some health issues and has kept her distance, but all is resolving as you’ll read the next time I get a chance to write an update.

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts.


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