Turning Point for Violet

by | Feb 22, 2015 | Nedda's Animal Family | 8 comments

“It’s time to go home to the Spirit Realm.”

When I got my first horse, I learned the important of observing animals and noticing their behaviors, and particularly any changes in them over time.  These can be important signals of shifts in physical and emotional health.

Last August, I observed Violet drinking water.  Since my cats eat a totally raw food diet, it’s very unusual for them to drink much water, although the water bowls are always available.  Still, it was August and rather hot, so I just made a mental note of this and carried on with life.

All fall and into the winter, Violet continued to drink at the water bowl every day.  A few months ago, a chronic constipation issue became worse, and I tried every natural approach I could discover to shift it, but still nothing seemed to work.  Her overall food consumption was down, too.

Finally, we did some AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) and cleared up a serious allergy in just one session.   This made Violet more comfortable when petted and her energy seemed better, but the underlying issues and behaviors were unchanged.


It was during a vet visit to check her anal glands that I finally put voice to my suspicion that Violet’s kidneys are in the process of shutting down.  Saying this out loud helped me shift into a place of acceptance.

Although the veterinarian would not officially diagnose anything without a blood test, the symptoms were clearly pointing to kidneys shutting down.  Violet had lost weight, was drinking more and more water, and was eating less.  Even the constipation issue could be related to the change in kidney function.

Violet hates giving blood.  Furthermore, I have learned that I can usually trust my instincts – intuition – telepathic communication – psychic connection – when it comes to Violet.  So we didn’t do a blood test that day.  Maybe down the road, but not yet.

For now, well, I’m really not sure it would make much difference.  Violet will be 16 this coming August.  She’s the most strong-minded cat I’ve ever known.  So when the vet started suggesting things we could do to assist her kidneys, Violet glared at me with her powerful eyes.

All ideas suggested by the vet were firmly rejected by Violet.  She doesn’t want drugs.  She doesn’t want subcutaneous fluids.  She isn’t even willing to eat 1 little herbal supplement (Standard Process’s Feline Renal Support).

Beautiful Sakhara.

Beautiful Sakhara.

Sakhara, Violet’s lifelong friend and companion who is 17 or so, also is in renal failure.   Due to the herbal supplement, her barely functioning kidneys have been going strong for 2 years now.  Sakhara eats the herbal pill as if it were a treat.

So there in the vet’s office I looked into Violet’s lovely eyes, and asked, “Are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yes,” she replied, without any hesitation at all.  “I’m preparing.  I don’t want you to fuss over me.  I don’t want to take anything to slow or interfere in my path.”

Her request was so firm, so gentle, so clear.  How could I reject it?

So I agreed.  And once I agreed, I felt sad, but also a deep inner certainty that this was the best thing to do for Violet and for myself.

And once I agreed, Violet gave a big sigh of relief and totally relaxed.  She became radiant and serene.  She began to glow even more strongly.  Even the veterinarian could see the change come over her.

The first step in the grieving process is denial, and I guess I’ve completed that step.


To assist her on her chosen path, Violet has agreed to this dietary plan:

  1. She can have whatever she wants to eat and as much as she wants.  For now this seems to be mostly pureed raw chicken liver spread over the top of her serving of whatever the other cats are getting as their main muscle meat.
  2. She will take two tiny pills to help her bowels keep functioning.  (Psyllium for bulk, and l-carnitine, which was recommended by the veterinarian.)
  3. She will take by dropper extra fats (Salmon Oil + the cat oil blend I make from Cod Liver Oil, Borage Oil, Olive Oil, and vitamin E).
  4. To assist with maintaining electrolyte balance, she takes a home-made electrolyte solution made with raw honey, sea salt, and potassium salt.
  5. To prevent kidney infection, she’s also getting some D-Mannose in the electrolyte solution.

This is quite a lot of “stuff” for Violet to be willing to take by dropper and in capsule form.  I suspect it’s because she knows that these things are for her comfort and not to prolong her stay that she’s not giving me a hard time.  She’s being extraordinarily cooperative.

Violet is still going strong, although continuing to lose weight.  Her bowels seem to be functioning a bit better, and she’s totally contented as long as her cat cave is warm enough.  She even comes out to eat and to drink and to sit in my lap all on her own.  She still goes up and down the stairs and at times will come to bed with me.

Saying goodbye is a process that can take months and months.  That’s OK.  I’m in no hurry.  And Violet remains serene and contented, purring when I pet her or stick my head into her cave to see how she’s doing.

Violet's Meditation Cave.

Violet’s warm and cozy cave!


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  1. Julie

    I love you, Violet! Thank you for coming to bless us. It was an honor to get to meet you in person. My Mikey is making the same choice. I am so grateful for the wisdom of the animals and how they honor that “to everything there is a season.”

  2. Liz

    Dear Nedda,

    You, Violet, Sakhara, and Starlight are in my thoughts and prayers as you all go through this sacred transition.



  3. Carol

    Thank you so much for sharing Violet’s wants & needs. We love our furry family so much we sometimes loose site of their path. It’s just because we love them so much we don’t want them to leave us. Keeping them with us past their time is so hard on 2 accounts: we know they are in decline & it breaks our heart but selfishly it prolongs our loss as well. Peace

  4. Ginger

    Thank You for this article. My rot/coonhound mix is drinking tons of water too, even when it’s so cold. The other dogs don’t do this. He seems depressed & I communicated with him & he said he hardly had the will to live. Then he bit my husband. He isn’t happy with 2 of the other dogs in the house. They bully him. I started giving him more treats & I swear he perked up!! He is about 11 & I will let him go when he is ready and he will know I loved him very much. Your article hit me at the right time!

    • Nedda

      Dear Ginger,

      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s good to know that you found my article helpful.

      Have you considered talking to the other dogs about why they bully him? Giving treats is nice, but it doesn’t solve the problem, does it? In fact, over time, the others might bully him even more as he becomes weaker or if you continue to give him extra attention. Maybe it’s just me, but I would not tolerate bullying among my animals. Everyone here knows that I expect them to treat each other with respect and love, and because I set that expectation clearly, there is no bullying, even if there is occasional jealousy.

      May I also suggest that you take your dog to see a veterinarian to find out what’s going on with him. If he’s biting, he may be in physical pain, and that’s one thing Violet made me promise her – that I will do pain management when/if necessary. While she wants to go on her own, I plan to discuss pain management with my veterinarian even tho’ there are very few pain medications that are safe for cats.

  5. Ximena

    Violet, you beautiful Starbeing! Your strength and presence are always a lesson. Sending Love and Light to you, Nedda, Sakhara, and Starlight. Nedda, sending warm thoughts your way.

  6. Justin

    Bravery and Strength are with you in bucket loads Nedda. This is a very brave post in itself, and your strength in moving through this with such grace has been observed.

    Our border collie just had heatstroke and is taking Chinese herbal supplements for Yin Deficiency (Kidneys) to re-balance himself so he can mediate the heat and damp more efficiently.

    It was very touch and go, but after 6.5 weeks of syringe feeding he has come around almost better than ever. We had a very strong message from him that he was not wanting to leave, he was just living in Queensland lol. He has now lead us to realise the whole family is Yin deficient and we are all now supplementing.

    Your position in this and your trust, devotion, and respect for Violet is truly inspiring.

    Thank you.

    • Nedda

      Dear Justin,

      Animals are often our great teachers and alert us to our own imbalances. How insightful of you to realize that the yin/yang balance in your lives needs some focus. And what a brave dog to teach you about it in this way.


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