Internal Peace

by | May 26, 2015 | Animal Wisdom | 3 comments

Punctuality? Puncturing?

Softness? Roundness? Gliding Over?

Sometimes, in communicating with an animal, it takes a special effort to get the true meaning of the message. This can be especially true when the message addresses your own personal “stuff.”

So this morning, when I sat down with Sakhara and asked for a lesson, it turned out that my receptivity was being challenged, along with my ego.


“Did you know you have points sticking out of you? Sharp needles that puncture? You can be callous and sharp and you often are. This is part of being judgmental. When you’re in judgment your points pop out – yes – like a porcupine.

“It’s possible to live a fulfilling life without these needle-like structures. They are not just defensive – they’re aggressive, too. You use them to keep others at a distance – away from you. You keep me away, or try to, when you’re afraid or tired or grumpy. You don’t know hot o command your space gently, tenderly, by nudging.”


“Nudging doesn’t work well when others are aggressive. Nudging takes a lot of energy and persistence. Perhaps I lack patience, but I suspect I also lack energy.”

As I said this to Sakhara, I also had an image of my I Am Presence, my True Self, who is very gentle and nudges me to keep me on my spiritual path and to direct me away from choices not in alignment with path. So I was fully aware of the contradiction. My “ego” self seems more comfortable with a more aggressive approach while my I Am Presence prefers a more gentle approach.


“Both are true [lacking in patience and also in energy at times], yet it would benefit you to learn a different approach so you’d have more option as you interact with others.”


“So you’re suggesting that I become softer?”


“Not mushy. Not passive. You think in duality – in extremes. Isn’t it better for things/energies/people you don’t want to be in your space to glide away because you’re impenetrable than to have conflict?”

As Sakhara says this, the image comes to my mind of some of the ships on the Babylon 5(B 5) series where the energies of an attack just flow away because the skins of the ships have the ability to allow this to happen.


“Yes, the ships on B 5 where the energies of attack just glide away, like a kind of shielding. But that shield needs to be flexible and self-repairing. If it were rigid it would be brittle, breakable, and less strong.”

How interesting that Sakhara speaks about flexibility when I’m taking Willow flower essence which is for promoting greater flexibility. Hmmm. No coincidences here.


“If a shield can fluctuate frequencies it can deflect instead of confront.”

As I listen to Sakhara’s teaching, I’m reminded of how often the word “fight” is used in our society. Sports teams are supposed to “fight, fight, fight.” We expect our politicians to tell us that they’ll “fight” for us to get legislation passed or to prevent it’s passage.

Even when the US is not officially “at war” with some other country, we say we’re at war: war on drugs, war on poverty, and so on. To use euphemisms, such as “police action” is just a way of hiding the truth from ourselves.

We live in a society that promote fighting and warfare at every level. Yet somehow we must change things, and the place to begin is in our hearts.


“I’m not telling you not to stand up for yourself. I’m suggesting a gentler way to be.

“Be a Presence.

“Allow what comes towards you to roll past without harming you when it is not an appropriate energy. When you learn how to do this, you will know you have many more options and you will have greater peace inside you.

“That internal peace is the key to transforming the world.”

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  1. Doug Hagens

    Sakhara’s words reminds be of a movie I saw of a terrible one eyed monster that would tear a person apart limb by limb and hang their remains on the trees! The monster was blind, but he could smell fear.

    The boy hero was able to kill the monster by becoming invisible. This was his shield. He dd this by falling into a quiet space in his heart, being only in the now, being only in the love.

    • Nedda Wittels

      This is how the Buddha was after he achieved enlightenment. He let everything flow past that didn’t vibrationally align with his state. If you want to see a powerful film that tells his story, watch The Little Buddha.


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