In Memoriam: Sakhara

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Nedda's Animal Family | 14 comments

Photo of Sakhara.

Photo of Sakhara.

Sakhara came to me from the Humane Society on October 5, 1999, shortly before Violet returned from spirit.  She had birthed a litter of kittens there, and then nursed many others who had lost their mothers.

When I brought her home, she was very thin, having given her all to so many kittens.  I’d never have guessed the true color of her fur because only the undercoat, a pale cameo color, was there.

The Humane Society estimated her age at 1 and a half years, but one of my veterinarians thought she was at least a year older than that.

The first night we were together, I had an allergic reaction and reluctantly had to lock Sakhara out of my bedroom.

Although I was able to resolve my allergies completely the very next day with hypnotherpy and NLP, that first night seemed to set the tone of our relationship.  Circumstances chronically seemed to interfere with us creating the close bond we both wanted.

Sakhara was a very dominant cat, but her style was sweet, compassionate, and gentle. She never fought with anyone.  She might hiss and raise a paw, but you knew from her energy and her eyes that you’d better back up fast.

Sakhara was a powerful teacher of patience and kindness.  Even as a small kitten, Violet would tell Animal Communication students that she (Violet) was “top cat” in our family, but Sakhara would tell them, “I’m really top cat, but I let Violet think that she is.”  How true!

Sakhara in cuddle cup.

The most reticent cat I’ve even known.

The most reticent cat I’ve ever known, I found it difficult to have conversations with Sakhara.   She would refuse to answer my questions.  She kept her feelings about most things to herself, and when she was younger, I was not as tuned into her subtle ways.

Fortunately, she was more generous with my TWA (Telepathy with Animals) students, who highly valued her teachings.

Being ground was one of Sakhara’s most important services to me and my home.  In a TWA  course, she once showed someone an image of me floating high above her like a Macy’s Parade balloon, tethered to her for grounding.Snoopy balloon

For most of her life, Sakhara had various digestive problems.  She eventually had to have dental surgery.  Her teeth were so fragile that the surgery took 3 hours because her teeth kept breaking and had to be removed piece by piece.

When I finally got her home from surgery that night, Violet didn’t recognize Sakhara because her scent was radically changed from all the anesthesia and drugs.  Violet told me over and over,

“You brought home the wrong cat.  Go back and get my friend.”  Thwack!  Violet would cuff me.

This went on for at least 5 days, which was hard on all of us.  Finally, Sakhara “smelled” right to Violet, and I was forgiven.

About 4 years ago, Sakhara was found to be hyperthyroid and had to be on medication for the rest of her life to control it.  Although she was never diagnosed with kidney issues, I treated her as though her kidneys were failing because she drank large amounts of water for a cat on a raw food diet.



Melissa, our newest addition, had trouble integrating with Sakhara.  Melissa wanted to be “top cat” and Sakhara, even tho’ in ill health, refused to pass the torch to Melissa.

Melissa became more and more aggressive towards Sakhara, who began withdrawing and spending most of her time in her cat cave with Violet.

Nothing I did worked to resolve things, especially as Sakhara seemed to lack the energy to stand up for herself with Melissa.

The times Sakhara did hiss and raise a paw at Melissa, the younger cat would back off.  But Sakhara didn’t have the energy to keep doing that.  She soon became head shy whenever Melissa approached her, and Melissa, being very fast, resorted to sneak attacks when I tried to interfere.

Moving towards departure.

About 6 weeks prior to her leaving, I set up a place for Sakhara in the huge dog crate in another room so she could have some peace.  It had become impossible for her to eat or use the litter box without having to get past Melissa when she was in the main part of the house, and Sakhara no longer wanted to be there.

Sakhara readily settled into her new private space.  She was depressed and kept saying she wanted to leave her body.  Some days she ate more; other days less.

It was challenging to sort out what was going on.

Was she depressed because she was in the room alone?

Was she depressed because of how things were with Melissa?

Was the depression because she didn’t feel well physically?

If I found ways to help her feel better, would she then want to stay?

Sakhara got chiropractic and acupuncture and other alternative remedies, but nothing seemed to turn the tide.  Meanwhile, her bowel function had also deteriorated and was making her quite miserable.

Sakhara and Violet, July 2017

Sakhara and Violet, July 2015 – Buddies for Life

The day after Sakhara moved into her space, I carried Violet in to see her.  They had never been parted, and I knew Violet was upset.


Violet took one look at the situation and began screaming with rage at what was happening.

With Violet still in my arms, still yelling loudly, I withdrew.

It took Violet another two days to accept that Sakhara wanted to be in there and was getting read to leave.

Finally, on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, both Dr. Amy Matthews, D.V.M. of Frontier Wellness in East Granby, CT,  and I reached agreement.  Sakhara wanted and needed to leave, and needed help to accomplish it.  We made an appointment for the evening of July 13, 2017 for Amy to come to my home for euthanasia.

I immediately told Violet, Starlight, and Melissa what had been decided.

Their reactions?

Melissa was happy.

Starlight was sad.

Violet was resigned.

And then I said to Violet,

“Violet, you aren’t doing very well either.  You know that your body, too, is failing.  Please consider that you can leave the same night as Sakhara.  Otherwise, you may have to wait until next week, and that might be very difficult and uncomfortable for you physically.  Or we may have to go to an emergency veterinarian center, and I don’t want you to have to go through that.”

Violet just looked at me, and didn’t respond.

Sakhara left her body on Thursday, June 13, 2017 between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. with the assistance of our veterinarian friend, Amy Matthews.  Amy came to my home so that the entire process could be gentle, peaceful, and sacred.

Starlight in cat tree with toy.


Starlight says this about Sakhara:

I love Sakhara.  She was an inspiration to me.  Although she didn’t want to play much by the time I came, she would always make an effort while I was a kitten to play just a little.  She was gentle and kind as I was learning how to be a cat.

Now, I miss her very much.  I hope she comes to speak with me soon because I want her to know how much I still care about her and how much I miss her.

Sakhara was truly a beautiful cat, and also a beautiful being.  We have all been blessed by her presence.  Despite all the challenges, or maybe because of all the lessons she taught me, my love and appreciation for her continues to grow.

PHOTO SERIES:  Sakhara at Play 

Sakhara at Play

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  1. Felicia Murray

    Oh, dear Nedda,

    What a beautiful tribute to Sakhara……tears are spilling, reading your words.

    I send you, Violet, Starlight and Melissa all my love and sympathy,
    OM MANI PADME HUNG and all love to Sakhara,


  2. Navah

    Blessings to you Nedda and to your beloved Sakhara and family.

  3. Debra Gordon

    Sending love to you and your girls–Sakhara’s life in her “Sakhara form” was beautiful and full of love. It will be interesting to see if she decides she wants to come back in a new “baby” self. Maybe when Violet makes her way over too the pair of them will be happy being in their spirit selves together. Either way I know she is there watching over you and the other girls. Love to all of you. dg

  4. Sarrah Bronson

    Thank you Nedda for sharing this- Sakhara, I am sorry to read about your lifelong physical difficulties and I admire your courage, dignity, and good heart. I also appreciate your beautiful physical body and love the pictures of you plaeiyh your red ribbon. I send you and your family much love.

  5. Sharon

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember what a gentle soul she was during my classes with you. This is never an easy time for us to go through.
    I’m praying for you and your furry family.

  6. Jennifer

    Dearest Sakhara,

    I love you very much. You have been a great teacher to me during one of the TWA programs. I have two cherished memories of you:
    One day, I had a hard time getting grounded and I saw you sitting on my head so I can get some grounding.
    One other day, you allow me to go into your body and feel; I felt some pain in one of my thigh. I knew it wasn’t a pain of mine because it felt differently: Nedda wasn’t aware of that pain situation, since you would rarely talked to her as Nedda reported, but she had noticed that you were climbing the stairs with some difficulty.

    Dear Sakhara, I had the privilege to meet you. I will miss you because of all the qualities listed by Nedda here.

    I hope I’ll meet you again somewhere, some time, in other circumstances.

    Not only was Sakhara a beautiful cat as shown in the pictures, but she had such a beautiful name.

    Love to you and Nedda, as well as to Nedda’s cat family.

  7. Liz Carmel

    Dear Nedda and Feline Family,

    I am so very sorry for the physical departure of Sakhara. I remember speaking with her while taking TWA with you Nedda. She was part of the very special Orange Cat Contingent which I feel Roan, my red husky, is part of on the canine plane.

    I feel your pain and wish you peace in the days ahead as you and the rest of your family adjust to the new normal.

    Love never dies,

    With Love and Thanks to Sakhara for her service to Mother Earth and you, especially.


  8. Cathy

    I am very sorry for your family’s loss of such a beautiful being. Sending you and your girls every blessing, love, and peace. May Sakhara’s spirit continue to shine her light on all of you. ?

  9. Vanessa Briggs

    Dearest Nedda and your family,

    Thank you for sharing Sakhara’s story. My heart goes out to you all in adjusting to her transition and gratitude in allowing us to continue to learn through your beautiful tribute.

    I did a course with you in 2014 and re-read the beautiful communication I had with Sakhara. I feel she is really wanting to remind you and all of us the absolute necessity for us to remain grounded and connected at all times… the no 1 legacy of her memory. “Think of me and remember to be grounded..”

    I asked her how she is and she said she is resting whilst many new decisions are being made ‘upstairs’.

    Bless you Sakhara and thank you for your continued love and teaching.


  10. Vanessa Briggs

    Dearest Nedda and family,

    My heart goes out to you and your family with the transition of Sakhara.

    I did a course with you in 2014 and had a beautiful communication with Sakhara which your wonderful tribute prompted me to re-read. In looking at Sakhara’s picture I felt really strongly that she wishes me to communicate the importance that you and all of us remember to stay grounded and connected at all times… this is her No 1 legacy. “Think of me and be grounded”.

    I asked her how she is and she said she is resting whilst new decisions are being made. I feel she is at peace as long as we heed her message.

    Bless you Sakhara and thank you for your continued love and teaching.


  11. Patty Wallenburg

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is never an easy decision and the hardest thing that ever needs to be decided. She was a beautiful spirit.

  12. Mary Helen

    Beautiful tribute to an Earth energy being!

  13. Malka Essock

    Fly Free Sakhara! we will miss hearing about you, in this form, what is both Sakhara and Violet come back as horses? inspired by Starlight!!!!

  14. Malka Essock

    love to the rest of you gals! <3


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