Violet and the Liver Cure.

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“What do you want to eat?” I asked.

Fit for a Queen.

When Violet stopped eating for two days last month, I thought to myself, “This is it.  She’ll be gone in a week or so and that’s what she wants.”

This is why we all need Animal Communicators.

This is also why I, as a professional Animal Communicator, would be smarter to stop making up stories in my head and to ask Violet what’s going on.

Violet looked weak and wobbly and very spacey from the start of those two days of fasting.  Later she explained she wasn’t really in her body at the time.

On the third morning, Violet arrived in the living room looking awake, strong, and stable on her feet.  She requested raw chicken liver for breakfast.  I knew she liked liver as a snack, so when she asked for it, I was happy to provide.  I pureed it, as Violet is missing some teeth and while she can chew some things, I wanted to make her eating as easy as possible.  I omitted the garnish you see in the photo.

Violet in after-dinner meditation.

For about 4 weeks, all Violet ate was raw chicken liver pate, and not much of that.  Truly, I don’t think she ate even 3 ounces of food per day.  It hardly seemed enough to keep her alive.

If I added anything else at all – a little Salmon oil – a little cod liver oil – a little chicken or turkey meat – Violet would turn up her nose and walk away.   “Liver it is!” I promised her.  And liver it was for 4 small meals every day for at least 4 weeks.

Last Saturday, I noticed Violet eating some muscle meat from one of the other cat bowls after finishing her first serving of liver.  This was unexpected, and I didn’t know how to interpret it, so I just took a wait and see attitude.  Did I ask her?  I don’t recall, but I felt that she just wanted some meat, so I let it go.

Over the last 4 days, Violet has continued to consume muscle meat and liver, in separate dishes of course.  Her majesty is now getting two bowls of food at each meal and is eating more and more food overall.  She’s also eating less frequently.

I asked her if I could weigh her to see if her weight has increased, but she looked horrified and replied with an emphatic “No!”

OK.  I don’t need to weigh her.  I’m curious, but I’ve dropped it.  There’s plenty of muscle over her ribs, although she’s thin in her flanks.  She’s also lots stronger – runs up and down the stairs about once a day – and jumps/climbs onto chairs and the sofa.  Truly, she’s in great shape for a cat who seems to be on her way out of the physical realm.

I’m sure raw chicken liver is not a cure for kidney failure.  So what’s going on here?  It’s hard to say.  I don’t believe the underlying issue has disappeared.  This is just Violet’s way of doing things, and the saga will continue to unfold. It implies that animals have a great deal of wisdom about what they need and we humans would do well to learn to respect that.

Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to cuddle with my “velcro kitty.”

[“Velcro kitty” –  a cat who melds herself into your body as a semi-permanent fixture.]

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  1. Malka Essock

    Fluora Bun says Liver and More Liver is the way to go! (her fave)(yes, i know not what Bun should eat all the time) it has a lot of moisture in it tho, for Violet, and if it’s doing her good, trust her! Bun sends Slurps to “Miss Purple Point” she likes to hear the Violet Stories

    • Nedda

      Yes, liver is full of moisture, fat, and B vitamins, as well as excellent protein. These felines are very smart. The raw food is full of moisture, which is great for cats. When the kidneys aren’t working so well, more moisture is best. That’s why they start drinking more water – because it helps detox their bodies.

      Did you know that in native hunting cultures, the livers were fed fresh and raw to pregnant women because of the nutritional value in them?

      • Malka Essock

        i didn’t know that, but it makes sense. no Violet, you don’t have to have kittens!

        • Nedda

          Funny!! Gave me a good laugh about the having kittens! Violet looked horrified at the very thought of having kittens, but then she got the joke. Thanks for your comments. Hugs to you and Fluora Bun.

  2. Nell

    How heart warming to read of Violet ‘ s continued journey, and of your willingness to truly listen to her.

    I am so fortunate to remember velcro moments with Violet. Indeed she is a queen, and so are you Nedda. Both crowns are brightly lit.

    A continued flow of Love to all of you, Nedda, Violet, Shakira and Star.


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