A Reincarnation Adventure Part 3: Patience Is Essential

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Nedda's Animal Family | 2 comments

I spoke with the people at Reprise Siamese Cattery last night.  The mysteries of Echo’s return still abound.

For one thing, old bloodline Siamese kittens mature slowly, so that even at 4 weeks of age, the sexes and colors of these kittens are still uncertain.  There is definitely 1 female, but there might be 2 more.  The color of the female is still uncertain, too.

It’s hard to imagine that I’ll be bringing home a kitten in just 4 more weeks, and it may not be until the very last week that we know which one is coming.

So – patience is the name of the game.  Still the questions abound.

  • If the female isn’t Seal Point, and she might not be, then did Echo get the color wrong, or did I?
  • OR – is Echo actually in a male body, and we don’t know that yet?
  • How do we for sure go about identifying this kitten?

In my past experiences with clients and with Violet’s arrival, I have always said that the most important thing is sensing the energy – the consciousness of the spirit.  That’s the only way to know for certain.

Of course, I plan to have a conversation with the kitten before we all get in the car.  That will be how I personally am sure.  And because the folks at Reprise Siamese are so psychically aware, they will be observing and looking for signs, both subtle and mundane.

So what I am absolutely certain of is that

  • this will all fall into place perfectly, and
  • I must be patient.

As for photos, the folks at Reprise are having technical issues with their computer and are focused on cat and kitten care, which is absolutely Number One Priority for them, which is exactly as it should be.  So those of you who are hungry for pictures will just have to join me in learning patience.


The story continues in A Reincarnation Adventure Part 4:  While Waiting

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  1. brigitte

    Patience .. and Trust. She will make herself known of course. And, since you have female cats, and Echo was female, wouldn’t it e fitting that she comes back as a male? What do Violet and Sakhara think of that? How would that change the dynamics in your household?

    I always wanted female dogs .. and then there came Domino, calling his desperation to come to me!

    They do have their ways, don’t they? 😉

    • Nedda

      Whatever form she comes in will be perfect – and completely not up to me. However, we are all expecting a female for the moment. The Universe is full of surprises.


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