A Reincarnation Adventure Part 1: “Echo. I come.”

by | Aug 12, 2012 | Nedda's Animal Family | 28 comments

Sunday Morning – July 15, 2012 – as I prepare to take a walk, the spirit of Echo, who had been my Arabian horse companion for 22 years and who has been in spirit since 1998, popped in to say she’d like to chat.  We often chat on walks, but Echo had not requested a conversation this way ever in the last 14 years.

So I headed out the door to walk through my quiet, wooded neighborhood, delighted, as always, to speak with Echo.

Usually, on walks, Echo shows up after I’ve already left the house.  She gallops past me in her spirit body, looking much like she did when she was a young and fit Arabian mare.  She’ll often gallop far into the distance, mane and tail flying, and then turn and trot back, settling down beside me for an affectionate visit.  Echo used to wiggle her nose against my neck, much as a horse would groom another horse friend, and when she does that in her spirit form, I can feel it.

This visit was different.  Echo walked beside me as I went down the driveway, around the bend, and onto the next street.  I’m was bursting with curiosity because – well – this was definitely different!

“I’m coming back,” Echo announced.

“OK.  You do remember that I can’t have a horse right now, so if you plan to be a horse, you’ll be with someone else,” I reminder her.

“I’m coming as a cat.” Echo said, as if she were saying, “Nice day today.”

“I’m coming through the same cattery that Violet came through.  I’ll be a female and Seal Point.”

[For those of you who’d like to read about Violet’s arrival at Reprise Siamese,  you can read the whole story in Violet Returns.]

“Echo, have you ever been a feline before?”

“No.  I think it will be interesting and fun.”

“You realize,” I continued, “that cats are predators.  They eat meat.  Their bodies are very small – much smaller than the one you had last time as a horse.”

“Yes, I’ve considered all that,” Echo replied.  “It’s time for me to be with you again and since you can’t or won’t have a horse, then I’m coming in a form that you CAN have.  Remember that I always wanted to be in the house with you or at least on the same property.  This will make that possible.  Besides, it’s a great adventure.  And you need me, especially as we move into the shift and the New Earth.”

“Well.”  I responded.  “We need a family conference.”

Violet and Sakhara in meditation.

With everyone telepathically connected, I shared Echo’s announcement with Violet and Sakhara.

Sakhara –  “Hmm.  Well … this could be interesting.”  [Curious and considering the possibility of another cat.]

Violet  – [Silence . . . colored by a sense of reluctance and unhappiness.]

I turned to Echo and said, “I’m not sure this is going to work out for a whole variety of reasons.”

Echo responded:  “I’m coming.  It’s decided.”  And she left.

* * * * *

For the next week to 10 days, I was on an emotional roller coaster.  I couldn’t imagine Echo as a cat, Siamese or otherwise.  I could somehow think of all the reasons why this wouldn’t work, and I couldn’t get excited about it.

I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.  Part of this was a detox I was experiencing from allergy elimination treatments for mold.  Part of it was that 3-D habit of finding the negative in everything.  Part of it was that human reluctance to accept change.  Part of it was . . . well, there were lots of parts.  Thank God for good friends and flower essences!!


Meanwhile, Sakhara, who had had a litter of kittens before coming to live with me and who had helped raise Violet from a kitten, was growing to like the idea.  She sensed Echo’s incredibly high and gentle energy, and decided Echo would make a good addition to the family.  She even decided it might be fun to have another kitten to help raise.

Both my feline friends work very hard to support me and my/our service to humanity.  They each work differently, and they also work together.  Sakhara has strong Earth Mother energy and is very grounded most of the time.  She once showed someone a picture of herself with a tether tied around her middle and me attached to this line floating high above her like a helium balloon.   Clearly she helps keep me grounded.  Sakhara also helps with clients and teaches in my Animal Communication classes.


Violet is also a powerful healer who works with Violet Ray frequencies.  After a number of very difficult lifetimes as cats, she came into this life to be immersed in Love while in physical.  Over the last 13 years, Violet has been working on past life issues with me while simultaneously teaching in my classes and holding/grounding higher frequencies on the planet.  Violet meditates daily and encourages me to do the same.  She has a wry sense of humor and can make me laugh uproariously.

Violet is not big into sharing, either me or her home.  So I was very concerned that she accept Echo’s coming.   She has a strong need to be in control of her life (mirror, mirror), and I’ve seen her  make herself very sick and even die when she felt she couldn’t be in control or have her way.

* * * * *

So I called one of my human friends, and told her what was going on.  She sensed that Echo was coming very quickly and I had no time to mess around.  She urged me to check in with the people at Reprise Siamese.  So I called them on Friday of that week.  I had a delightful conversation with Adele, one of the staff whom I had met when Violet came through 13 years ago.

Reprise Siamese is a very loving place where each cat and kitten are handled and loved so deeply that it reverberates throughout the house.  Adele is psychic and is open to hearing things like, “My horse is coming back as a cat and tells me she plans to come through your cattery.”

Adele was excited by my news.  She told me that one of their young “queens” was due to have kittens the following week.  I was stunned.  The “great coincidence center in the sky” was lining everything up.  The felines at this cattery tend to have 5-7 kittens, even in a first litter.  And the new mother-to-be was Seal Point, which is a very dominant color genetically.  Adele and I talked for nearly an hour and when I got off the phone, I was certain that Echo was very likely to be in the litter that was due to arrive.

* * * * *

The following weekend, I left a phone message at Reprise Siamese asking whether the litter had been born.  On Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, Adele called me.  Sure enough, that Friday, July 27, there were 6 new babies at Reprise – and at first glance, it appeared that 3 are female.

But the most interesting part of this saga is that Adele had received a message from Echo either the Friday of the birthing or the very next day.  As she described it, she heard the name “Echo” and then felt a sensation that she interpreted as, “I come.”

This aligned with some things I had experienced on the Saturday after the birth.

First, I heard, “Am I blind?”  “Newborn kittens eyes are closed for the first few weeks.” I responded.   Foals (newborn horses) are born with their eyes open and have to stand almost immediately and be able run soon after.  This is one of the differences between predator and prey babies.

Then, I sensed, “I have fingers” – definitely not a hoof, here, as Echo noticed the differences in her new paws.

When I tried to speak with Echo, she didn’t respond.  Sometimes I don’t sense her presence at all, and other times I can feel her focused in on learning to be inside and to manage a kitten body.

Later in the same day I was shown a picture of all the cats – a blue point (Violet), a cameo colored British Short Hair (Sakhara), and a seal point (Echo) all curled up together in a triangle of support and harmony.

Read Part 2:  “A Reincarnation Adventure Part 2:  The Name

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  1. Julie Foster

    This is SO exciting, Nedda! Keep us posted!!!

  2. Bev Szymanski

    Oh my gosh, Nedda, this is so exciting, my heart is filled with joy!! I so loved reading this, can’t wait to hear more as things unfold. Blessings to you, Violet and Sakhara for allowing this AWE-mazing change in your lives. Would love to see pictures!! :))))



    • Nedda

      I’m planning to ask the cattery if they have any photos of mom + kitties they’d be willing to have me put onto the blog. Can’t promise anything. There will certainly be photos when I get the little one home – which will be late September. They don’t let them go until they are a full 8 weeks old, which is best for them.

  3. brigitte

    Beautiful, Nedda! I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to hear how this all plays out.

    • Nedda

      Well, Brigitte, I can’t wait to see how it plays out myself. Having a cat who doesn’t know how to be a cat should certainly be interesting in itself. And then there’s the family integration issues. I’m just putting it out there that it’s all for the best and will work out perfectly and trusting.

  4. Ellen Becker

    Oh, Nedda, I can’t wait for the next installment of this amazing story! The words “I’m coming” will never be the same to me!

    • Nedda

      Talk about a lesson in patience!! Still, August is moving along at break-neck speed (oooh – that’s not a very nice expression), so September will be here in a blink.

      I’m excited and trying to figure out where to put more litter boxes and where to feed the kitten and how to introduce everyone and whether or not there will be any room for me in my bed at all. Even now, a queen size bed gets crowded when 2 cats insist on sandwiching me in.

      So that’s the “short list” of things I’m working on to get ready.

  5. Paula Vandervoort

    This has to be both wonderful and a nail-biter, Nedda! Having had the opportunity to be taught by Violet in your class, I understand exactly what you mean about her personality. She is a wonderful teacher, but a very no-nonsense one as well. I might actually characterize her as a little bit bossy! But in a good way, of course.

    I just LOVE the fact that Echo thought she was blind! That’s just hilarious. I wonder what she’s going to think about eating meat instead of hay and grass?

    Thank you to you and the girls for the wonderful instruction I’ve received in your classes. You’re one of the best spiritual teachers I’ve come across, and having the cats help with class was a fantastic benefit!

    • Nedda

      Fortunately, I don’t bite my nails, but yes, there are definitely emotional issues to resolve here. I’m going to say more about that in my next blog, with Violet’s permission.

      So you think Violet’s only “a little bit bossy?” Well, she HAS improved since her last life, and I think she’s finally mellowing a bit.

      I believe kittens can open their eyes by the end of the first week, so that should help. Somewhere between 3-4 weeks their sharp little teeth persuade mom to encourage them to start eating on their own. So Echo won’t learn about meat until another week or so, I think.

      Thanks for your generous comments about my teaching and my classes. You’re very welcome. I’ve been assuming that Echo will continue to teach, but whether she’ll teach as a cat and/or as a spirit being, that will be very interesting.

      More later. 😉

  6. Donna Emerson

    Nedda, I’m so excited about the news of Echo returning. I especially love your comunications with Sakhara, Violet and Echo. My blessings to you all.

  7. Sue

    This is fun great fun! Will Echo as a feline still want her old equine name? Or maybe Echo, Nedda,could be your cat friend’s middle name? I can’t wait to hear her comparisons between horse and cat bodies. Bet she will not miss the horse flies!

    • Nedda

      I once met Echo’s breeder many years ago. They were using Greek names for their foals, and Echo reminded them of a mare they had loved and lost. Echo was a master at many thing, including reflecting people’s stuff back at them. I suspect an entirely new form and new life plan will call for a new name, but I don’t know yet – she hasn’t told me.

      Violet choose to keep her name from her last life because she described this one as a kind of extension of that. Her registered name is Reprise Violet Flame for the Violet ray.

  8. Sharon

    I Love that you are sharing this with all of us. I am so excited for you. I’ll never forget Echo coming to me in the meditation part of the class that you taught many years ago. She is such a magical and powerful energy. Now she will be a cat – Oh you are so blessed! Thank you Nedda.

    • Nedda

      Sharing it makes it even more fun and exciting. I can hardly believe it’s happening, but when others respond about it, it helps all of us, I think, to accept a more expanded possibility.

  9. Jeannine

    This is so wonderful, Nedda! During one of your classes I’ve lucky enough to talk to Echo. She’s such a lady! You are blessed to have her in your life.

    • Nedda

      No question!! She’s going to teach us all many things through this return – I can already feel it.

  10. Gerrie

    Hi Nedda, I am just ‘moved’ to tears when I read you story!! How wonderful!!
    I wish I had some of my animal friends coming back to me too!! But then, maybe one did come back! I ‘adopted’ a wild cat 2 years ago, she is so full of deep love that it might be one of my earlier animals coming back to help me through the shift too.

    Cannot wait to hear the follow up! and see pictures of the little one!
    All the luck and love to you and your dear animal friends!!!

    xx, Gerrie

    • Nedda

      Dear Gerrie,

      As an animal communicator, I’m often asked to check with an animal to find out if they have been with the client before, what their life purpose is, and other questions of this type. If you are ever interested in finding out, you might consider an animal communication session. It’s often amazing what the animals know and are willing to share when we ask and listen.

      I also teach animal communication – and then you can ask the animal yourself. 🙂

      • Gerrie

        I know dear Nedda! I have been pondering the thought for a little while now! I would love to learn animal communication, but I live in Belgium so that won’t work. But you’ll probably hear from me in the near future for an animal communication!!

        xx Gerrie

  11. Mary

    Nedda, thanks for sharing this beautiful
    story. I am excited to follow the adventures
    of Echo as they unfold. Your story brings back
    so many wonderful memories of previous pets
    that our family has had.

    • Nedda

      That’s lovely, Mary. Have you had some come back again and again?

  12. Patricia Mestanza

    Dear Nedda,
    Congratulations!!!! is great that Echo will come back with you again and I understand the joy and happiness that we feel when our beloved one in spirit come back with us to earth (that happenned with our Lucky and I feel thankful every day). This is exciting and a miracle of love. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story.

    • Nedda

      Hi, Patricia,

      Thank you. This seems like an extraordinary event, but it’s probably more common than most of us realize. I think it’s been happening all along, except we were all asleep and not tuned into it. When we are more awake, we can participate in it consciously.

      I just love that she told me and didn’t give me much warning and was so matter-of-fact about it.

  13. Yvonne

    Best wishes, Nedda. Sounds like this will be interesting for all of you (Echo/Star, Violet, & Sakhara as well)!

    • Nedda

      Thanks. I really can’t wait to see this kitten, but so far the cattery hasn’t replied to my request for a photo of mom and babies.

  14. Sandra

    First Violet and now Echo through a cattery named Reprise…well named.

    • Nedda

      Yes, it is. This cattery keeps the old bloodlines going – the ones that look more like “normal” cats and don’t have the genetic heart problems and other difficulties that super pointy faces and very long legs seems to bring forth. So that’s why they chose the name “Reprise.” But it does fit this situation, as well.

      If you want to see some gorgeous cats, visit their website. They have a photo carousel with 50 pictures of their kitties.

  15. Sherrie Perugini

    I have tears in my eyes, what a beautiful adventure for sure. I have a pup in my life whom I love so deeply and at the age of 9 I cannot help but have a flash of dread from time to time of the day our bodies must separate… I have to push this from my mind as it makes my heart ache. Thank you for the new thought to hold onto ! xx


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