Boo Kitty – Lost . . . and Found Again.

by | Feb 12, 2012

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Boo Kitty

Boo’s Tale Has a Happy Ending

I received the call on Friday morning from a client who told me anxiously that her 4-year old black and white cat, Boo, was missing.

At our appointment time that afternoon, Toni filled me in on the basic information about all her animals, Boo’s usually “come and go” habits, and a bit about the terrain around their home and neighborhood.  Then I talked to Boo.

Boo told me that he wasn’t “lost” exactly – that he knew where he was and where home was.  He had gone exploring and something or someone (he wasn’t sure what it was) had chased him.  He found a good place to hide and wasn’t going to come out until he felt safe, even if it took days.  He said he wasn’t trapped and I saw a picture of him under some wooden stairs outside going up to a house door.

Toni and I spoke with Boo together.  He said he wanted Toni to come find him, and she asked if he could hear her calling.  She had already alerted her neighbors about Boo’s disappearance, but no one had seen him.

“Yes,” replied Boo.  “I can hear you, but I’m too scared to come out.”

After doing the Gold Cord Connection technique that can be used by people to communicate with their missing animals and by the animals to help them find their way home, both Toni and I reassured Boo that whatever had chased him was probably long gone.

“It’s still daylight out,” I told him.  “This is a good time to come out and either go home or ask the people where you are for help.  It’s supposed to become colder tomorrow and may even snow.   Today’s is a good day to come home.”

Boo remained reluctant as Toni reassured him that he had lots of courage and she would come right away and get him as soon as she knew where to come.

Later that day, I received this joyful email from Toni,

Dear Nedda,

Boo in one of his favorite spots.

Boo is safely inside at home. He went to our neighbor’s house just 2 doors away. He went on their back door deck and was hanging all four paws on the screen to be let in. They let him in and recognized him as ours and called my husband who promptly called me to pick him up.

The most surprising thing, was that our normally anti-social cat that doesn’t like to be held was letting them hold him and he made himself comfortable on a bench with their 9-year old twins petting him. I could tell that he was terrified and so relieved to be safe again.

So, you were right. He was within hearing distance, and probably underneath their stairs as you said.

I know that it was your convincing him to come out of hiding that caused him to react this way. I can’t thank you enough!

Toni Allocco
Bernardsville, NJ


Please note:  Nedda no longer takes missing animal cases.
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  1. Barb & Harold

    Such an interesting story! The communications really seem to have given Boo the courage & the idea also of going to the nearest neighbours for help.
    The Gold Cord Connection technique sounds useful. Do you teach that?

    • Nedda

      Hi, Barb and Harold,

      When a client has a missing animal, I guide them through the process of setting up the connection and teach them how to use it.

      I learned this technique from other professionals. I don’t remember who created it, but she found her own lost dog after using it for 3-4 months. As I recall the story, she pulled into a gas station to fill up her car and her dog was in the car on the other side of the gas pump. This was a long way from home and from where the dog disappeared, which was at a motel where she and the dog had been staying.

      There is a great deal to learn about doing missing animal cases, and lots of different ways to do them.

  2. Lori

    Nedda is THE BEST!


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