A Reincarnation Adventure Part 5: Pick a Color

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Nedda's Animal Family | 2 comments

Last Saturday afternoon, I walked into a UPS Store, cat carrier in hand.  It was filled with goodies – a tiny litter box, foam cushions, a tee shirt smelling of Nedda, Violet, and Sakhara, flower essences for a calm journey, plastic dishes for cat food and water, and a catnip gifts for feline moma, poppa, aunts, siblings and cousins.

The people in the store looked at me a bit oddly until I explained that I was not planning to ship a live animal by UPS.

So Starlight’s travel chariot is on it’s way to her.  She’ll get to try it out on the last weekend of this month.  Am I excited.  Definitely!

At the same time, I find that I’m also grieving Echo’s passing again – some lingering sadness and loss.  I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about other losses – other goodbyes I’ve said in the last few years.  It’s a very healing process, although definitely unexpected.

On Sunday evening, Mary from Reprise Siamese called.  I asked her if we knew what color Star will turn out to be, and she laughed.  “It’s really impossible to tell.  This little girl keeps changing colors.  I don’t dare tell you a color because it can be different tomorrow.”

That really surprised me, but Mary explained that it can happen that a Siamese cat will not settle on a color for quite some time.  “We once had a kitten we were certain was going to be Blue Point (dark grey legs, ears, mask, and body hair tips).  That one finally decided to be Chocolate Point (light brown in all the aforementioned locations).  So Star’s color will be a surprise.”

Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.  One of the Nature Spirits I’ve worked with in the past is Spirit of Horse, who appears as a stallion and looks iridescent to me.  I once asked about that, and he showed me that he is constantly changing colors, but so rapidly that in my mind’s eye he appears iridescent.

Echo, herself, was flea-bitten grey, which means she had mostly white hairs on her body with tiny brown freckles.  In the summer she got darker – had more brown hairs.  In the fall, when she grew her winter coat, she had more white hairs and got lighter.

I’ve had conversations with many, many animals over the years.  Some prefer to incarnate into specific species and some prefer specific breeds within certain species.  Some even prefer specific colors because the frequencies of different colors have different energies.  That makes sense, since color is energy, just like everything else.

So Star is experimenting with different color schemes.  It makes me smile. . . and I guess I’ll have to take lots of photos when she arrives so we can all watch her change colors.

Maybe I should have a contest so we can each guess what color she’ll end up?

The story continues in  A Reincarnation Adventure Part 6:  Starlight’s Feeding Station

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  1. Rhea

    That is so neat. It kind of explains why my black dog loves it when she’s wearing a bright scarf. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about Star’s arrival. 🙂

    • Nedda

      Your dog and I must have a lot in common. I love to wear bright colors when I’m feeling bright myself.

      I love yellow, especially, and it’s very difficult to find many clothes in yellow. Yellow is the color of joy. Maybe not enough people are feeling joyful, so the garment makers don’t make much in yellow because they are afraid it won’t sell. But colors can actually change our moods and uplift us. Try putting on yellow glasses and see how you feel. When I wear them, I always chuckle.


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