Molly stops scolding.

by | Apr 22, 2015

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One of my first Animal Communication cases was solved by teaching my client a way to communicate with her own animal.

My client, whom I’ll call Lisa, was a semi-retirement computer software documenter, working 4 days a week.  Every few Fridays, she and a friend would go off for a 3-day weekend to rose festivals because they loved roses.

Lisa lived with her cat, Molly, in a house in a small town.  When Lisa began going away for long weekends, her cat, Molly, would greet her on her return by “scolding” her, refusing to sit on her lap, and refusing to sleep with Lisa that night.  Lisa didn’t understand what was happening.

I asked Lisa to explain the arrangements she made for Molly for the times she was away.  She told me that everything was taken care of by a neighbor – fresh food and water, litter box cleaned.  The neighbor would even brush Molly, if the cat was willing, as Molly knew the neighbor well.

Since my client and I were both working at the same computer software company, I suggested she try something on her own before I talked with Molly.

“From Molly’s perspective,” I told Lisa, “you suddenly leave – disappear – and she has no idea what’s going on, whether or not you’ll return, and what arrangements, if any, you’ve made for her care.


“Your cat is telepathic.  Even if you think you’re not telepathic, animals who live with us can tune into our thoughts and feelings.  If you say your cat’s name out loud, she’ll pay attention to whatever you say next and pick up the images, concepts, and emotions you’re expressing.  So here’s what I recommend.


“Sit down with Molly a few days before your next trip and explain everything to her just like you might tell a human who lives with you. 


“Tell Molly your plans.

  • when you plan to leave;
  • when you plan to return,
  • who’s going with you;
  • where you’re going;
  • why you’re going; and
  • most importantly, the arrangements you’ve made for Tuxie’s care while you’re gone.

“Try this and let me know what happens.”

Lisa protested.  “What will my neighbors think?” she asked me.

“Don’t talk to Molly in your yard.  Do it in the house.” I responded.  “You don’t have to tell your neighbor anything.  This is between you and Molly.”

Lisa said she’d consider this, although from the look on her face, I doubted that she would do it.

A few weeks passed, and I had forgotten completely about my conversation with Lisa.

One Monday morning I was surprised to find Lisa waiting for me in my office.  She was very excited.

It’s amazing!”  she began, all smiles.  “I took your advice.  I went away this last weekend with my friend and before I left, I told Molly everything you had suggested.  She seemed to listen, but I wasn’t sure she understood.


“When I got home last night, Molly greeted me at the door without any complaints.  She purred and rubbed up against me.  After dinner, we watched TV together and she sat in my lap as usual.  She even came into my bed last night, just as though I’d never been away.


“I can’t thank you enough for teaching me about this.  Molly was happy to see me and not upset at all with me for being away.  Now I can travel and enjoy my trips without worrying that Molly is home fretting.”

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  1. grannycat

    You can do the same thing with babies! They understand much as our pets do, by telepathy and images, and through their ‘higher self’ too probably. They fret less, if at all, when left with a nanny when all is explained each time.

    • Nedda Wittels

      This makes complete sense to me, as I’ve had telepathic conversations with a few infants.


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