Case Study: Another Successful Reincarnation

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Luky Returns as Suzie – Home again!

Over the many years I’ve been doing animal communication session for clients, there have been many animals who left their bodies and returned to the same family.  While this does not always happen, it is always a joy for me when it does.  When animal reincarnate, they demonstrate so very powerfully that the spirit is eternal and that we live many lives.

Last fall I was asked to visit the home of a South American family living in Connecticut whose cat, Luky, had been killed on the road.  Both Patricia and her husband, Leonardo, had been very close to Luky and were missing her terribly.

While we were speaking, Leonardo could sense Luky’s presence, even without me acting as the translator.  It is a beautiful experience to assist in a communication for a family that is strongly “tuned in” with their animals.

During our conversation, Luky not only explained her relationship with each member of the family, she also promised to return in a new body.   Just a day or so ago, I received an email from Patricia.



Dear Nedda,

We are the Rivera family from South America.

I don’t know if you remember that you visited us in September last year.  Our beloved cat Luky had died suddenly, killed by a car, and we were devastated.  We wanted to know what had happened and why.  So you came to our home and we had a session with Luky and she promised that for sure she will come back with us again.

A few days later, I had a dream with a tiger female kitten and I understood that our Luky (she was a calico cat) will come back like a tiger one. After that we waited for several months.

Suddenly, I had another dream in which I saw a female tiger kitten with a lion who was protecting and taking care of her. I was thinking about the meaning of the dream. I felt that the lion meant that the shelter (where we should look for our Luky) has the name of FELINE because the lion is a feline.

Then I looked for and found 2 animal shelters with a feline name here in Connecticut. One of them had no kittens and the other one had only a female tiger kitten with her mother protecting her. They were together in the photo I was shown.

When I saw the picture, I felt sure she [the kitten] was our Luky.

This weekend we went to the shelter to meet her. I remember you said to my husband that he will recognize her for her eyes and energy. Her eyes were very closed.

Nedda let me tell you that when my husband saw and touched her he said to me: “she is our Luky.”  Of course we adopted her immediately!

Now she is with us. Suzie is her current name. She has the same personality that our Luky had. She likes the same games and food. It is amazing that even in different lives we can keep the same personality. This is a true story of love and animal afterlife because our Luky promised that she will come back with us and she did.

Nedda, THANKS SO MUCH because with your help we could find our Luky and we are together!!!

West Hartford, CT



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  1. Ellen Becker

    What a lovely story! So happy for all of you.

  2. Jo Ann Broder

    Years ago I had a grey tabby cat named Thomas that came to me as an abused kitten. He was a wonderful, large, quite cat. He loved very hot spicy foods, including chili & spaghetti. He was a gentle giant with a heart of gold. He lived a long life.
    After he passed I wanted another grey tabby with white markings. I was looking in the newspaper for kittens, there were numerous adds.I chose to call one ad, the husband answered & said he didn’t know what the kittens looked like, but his wife would be home for lunch & I could stop by to talk to her then. I was surprised when I found that she had 3 kittens, all grey tabbys with white markings!
    I chose the very large male kitten. I named him Douglas. He is also a gentle giant. He loves spicy foods, the spicier the better. He loves nachos with hot jalepeno cheese sauce. He gets so excited when I am cooking spaghetti or chili. Don’t worry, he also gets real cat food.
    I find myself calling him Thomas. He always comes or looks at me when I call him that. We both know that he is my Thomas, back once again.


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