Wisdom of Love

by | Apr 13, 2011

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It is time.

Open your heart and become immersed in the Wisdom of Love.

— A message from I Am Presence —

Love truly is the answer to most questions.

  • When you apply LOVE, it heals.
  • When you listen with LOVE, you receive insight.
  • When you send LOVE, you open the portals of understanding and Light.
  • When you feel LOVED, you expand and grow.
  • When you nurture with Divine LOVE, others can realize their full potential.
  • When you allow LOVE, all flows naturally in unlimited and beauteous, balanced ways.

BE the LOVE today.

Take LOVE into each and every situation by keeping your heart open and staying focused on Divine, limitless, eternal, perfect LOVE that has no conditions, that permeates every thought, every wave of energy, every form.

You will be the shifter of mountains, the freer of souls, the blessed and beloved of God/Goddess/All That Is as you serve through LOVE.

Embrace LOVE, and you are embraced.

Deny LOVE, and you deny your SELF.

Empower yourself with LOVE.

SURRENDER — All resistance to LOVE.





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