What is “right” about this moment?

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Let’s face it – all we have is THIS MOMENT.

And the truth is – whatever you focus on in this moment creates the next moment.

So – what are you focusing on?

Are you beating yourself up for something?

Don’t create more of that!

Are you angry with someone or about something?

If you are addicted to anger – if you enjoy being angry – that’s a choice.

Otherwise, don’t create more of that!

Are you worried or afraid?

Unless you like to feel that way, don’t create more of that, either!

Who’s in charge of your life anyway?

Last time I looked, you were the one who chose this life and you are the one in charge of it.  SO…

Be in charge.

Choose what you will focus on.

Focus on what is “RIGHT”

– what is “PERFECT” –

about this moment.

How do you decide what’s “right”?

If you like what you see, feel, sense – then focus on that.  As a result, you will create more of it in your life.

If you don’t like what you see, feel, sense – then focus on the Seed of Equivalent Benefit, which is present within everything – then we move quickly through what is uncomfortable to the magnificence hidden within it.

There is no other way to decide.

It’s all up to you!

Every moment is perfect – as it is.  If you think otherwise, then you have forgotten that you created your life plan on the Soul plane before incarnating.  You set all this up so you can learn about your personal power and have interesting and challenging and fun experiences.

You didn’t set it up to become trapped and helpless – although, actually, you might have chosen to experience being trapped and helpless just to experience what that’s like.

But even if you did set it up, that’s OK because you are a powerful co-creator and you can change what you are experiencing to something new and different and wonderful just by taking the following steps:

  1. NOTICE what you are focusing on in this moment.
  2. DECIDE if you want more of this or if you would prefer to experience something different.
  3. FOCUS on whatever you want to experience.
  4. SET INTENTIONS for what you want to experience.
  5. LET IT GO so it can be created by the Upstairs Department – the angels and nature spirits and elementals.
  6. MONITOR your thinking and emotions.  Don’t allow yourself to slip back into a different focus if that’s not what you want to create.


You have demonstrated your Mastery.

You have taken charge of your life.

Here comes you new creation!!


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