What Is a Spiritual Seeker?

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Age of Ascension | 1 comment

We are experiencing a powerful time on Earth when spiritual awakening and ascension are possible for every human being who chooses to make this shift.  In past times, the fully energetic support for this transformational experience was not available, and it took lifetimes of seeking and working on ourselves at slower vibrational rates to succeed.






  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER is one who wants to discover his/her true spiritual nature or Divine Self and who pursues this with determination and consistent effort.
  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER wants to remember his/her Divine birthright and to become ONE with ALL THAT IS.
  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER is looking for answers to life’s eternal questions.
  • Are YOU a spiritual seeker?

A SPIRITUAL SEEKER usually begins by looking outside him/herself for answers.  Many seekers become discouraged because they don’t find what they are seeking outside themselves.  What they often find are other people who claim to have answers, but may have none or some or are just out to “take” seeker’s money and personal power.

The world outside ourselves is a reflection of our own inner world, and when we first begin to seek spiritual truth, we are full of confusion, false information and conditioning, and many other obstacles.  So when we seek truth outside ourselves, we experience a reflection of what is closest to the surface inside ourselves.

Beneath all the internal debris – hidden away – is our True Self.  But in the beginning, we don’t remember this and we are only aware of a passionate desire to seek and of the illusions that are reflections of our own inner confusions.

Successful “seeking” requires dedication to the task, and many difficulties arise as if to test our resolve.  For some seekers, it takes a long time to connect with someone who can show you a glimmer of the TRUE YOU within.

Sometimes it takes feeling as though you might as well give up entirely before you are ready to make this connection.  At that point, the seeker will meet someone who actually can point the way to where the seeker actually wants to go.

The person who points the way is usually called a teacher or “guru” – one who takes us from spiritual darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge of the SELF).

More about gurus next time.



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  1. Susanne H

    This is exactly where I feel I am. The resolve is getting difficult. A guru would be extremely helpful at this time. Looking forward to your next blog post.


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