What Is a Guru?

by | Sep 23, 2012 | Age of Ascension | 5 comments

All Guru’s are masters.

Not all Masters are Guru’s.

The Sanskrit word Guru is made up of two syllables, gu and ru.

Gu means darkness, ignorance.

Ru means light, knowledge, wisdom.

A Guru is someone who guides others from

the darkness of spiritual ignorance to

the light of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

A Guru is a Master whose service on Earth is to

hold the Light for Humanity

and show A Way Home.


Since the 1970’s, when many spiritual masters started arriving in the US from India, the term guru has been used in many different ways and situations that are not focused on the spiritual path.  But the original meaning is unchanged.  And since our discussion here is about spirituality and the spiritual path, the remainder of this discussion is focused entirely on the spiritual guru or teacher who leads us back Home to our original Divine Self.

Even in India, there are many false gurus, and a few true gurus.

A false guru says, “Follow me.  I’ll show you Truth.  I’ll tell you all about it.  Rely on me.  You have questions?  I have answers.

A True Guru says, “Go inside.  The Truth is within YOU.  I’ll point you in the direction of the Truth, but you must learn to rely on your own inner Divinity, for that’s the ultimate true Guru.

You see, false gurus have a lot of that Ego we spoke about last time in What Is a Spiritual Master?.  False gurus may carry a lot of Light and have a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but they also have some remaining Ego.  They haven’t fully healed and integrated their Ego aspect.


They may tell you they’re the only ones with true knowledge, and that they have the only true path.  That is their Ego speaking.

They may tell you to behave one way and then they themselves behave differently, the old “do what I say, not what I do.”  That, too,  is because of their Ego.

These things may be very subtle, so you need to develope DISCERNMENT [1].



Send you, the Seeker, within, within, within to discover your own Divinity, your I Am Presence.

Encourage you, the Seeker, to align with your I Am Presence AND to live from there!!

May look strange and may behave in very odd ways.

When you come into their presence, you may sense the Light they carry, for they radiate it even without speaking a single word.

True Gurus often don’t follow society’s rules, so the “powers that be” are often very frightened of them.  You see, when people begin to turn within and to focus on their spiritual path and on their own spirituality , those who think they are “in charge” of life in 3D (the 3rd dimension) become afraid.  Their Egos feel as tho’ they’re losing control.  Their Egos get very upset.

This is why so many Great Beings have been tortured and killed over the millennia.  And still the Great Beings come to HOLD THE LIGHT for the rest of us.

These are very brave Souls, indeed, who incarnate for the specific purpose of holding the Light, grounding the Light, and offering to Light a way Home to Spiritual Source for Seekers.  Some of them you would never suspect as being gurus or masters.  They remain quiet and just live their Truth.  Others have agreed to take more active roles in shining the Light of Source in the world, acting as beacons for those who are Seeking.

Many have come again and again, in different cultures and ages, to hold the energy for the time when humanity, as a whole, would be offered an opportunity to return to full God Consciousness.



Today, we are living in a period when the whole Earth is Ascending spiritually.  Each human who chooses Ascension will have their kundalini awakened as they assimilate and integrate the Ascension energies.  Each human gets to choose, “Will I head for Home now?  Or do I want to continue playing in 3-D for additional lifetimes.”

More next time about kundalini and kundalini awakening.


* * * * *

[1] Discernment – Your own internal Truth-testing system that enables a Seeker/Master to create and maintain alignment their their Divine Self.  You can think about this as having good “antennas” for determining what is Truth and what is not Truth.  It is also a requirement for Mastery, because your Divine Self is YOU!!


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  1. Ali

    Thanks for making that so clear, it struck a few chords and is very helpful at such a confusing time. Think we all need to take good care of our ‘antennas’.

    • Nedda

      Hi, Ali,

      Yes, I think some of us are just realizing that we need our “antennas” cleaned up and working top notch! Part of the clean up identifying Ego stuff within ourselves and getting control of our own Ego, who can easily interfere in our ability to “truth test” what others tell us.

  2. Susanne H

    So how does one go about running into a true guru? A little help or support would be very welcome right now. All I seem to find are people still really stuck in 3D with huge egos and stuck in convention.

    • Nedda

      The True Guru is inside you. It’s your I Am Presence – your Divine Spark that has put on this body like a finger puppet to experience in 3-D.

      The fact that you’re asking is a very good sign that you are a Seeker. Ask your I Am Presence to bring you to show you the next step along your path. Your I Am knows exactly what is perfect for you in this very moment and in each and every moment.

      Ask. Trust. Allow. You will receive guidance.


  3. Indian Spiritual Gurus

    Didi Maa, Sadhvi Ritambhara ji is well known spiritual gurus/masters, hindu saints and an ambassador of peace. Know more about her visit didimaa.org.


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