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by | Mar 17, 2013 | Age of Ascension | 3 comments


You Must Become Quiet Inside.


Who am I?

You are Divine Consciousness living in a physical body.

Why don’t I remember or experience who I am?

You have forgotten because of programming, implants, and other interferences with your direct connection to Source. You don’t experience this because you are focused outside yourself on the external world.

How can I reclaim – remember my connection?

By first deciding to reclaim it. When you make this decision, Source responds by providing you with a pathway to travel back to your Divinity.

How do I know that the path I’m on is the “right” one?

You will receive guidance that is filled with Love and Appreciation for you. If you receive guidance that is not filled with Unconditional Love, it is not Guidance.

I don’t remember what Unconditional Love feels like, so how will I recognize it?

If you do not remember what Divine Love feels like, learn to meditate and meditate daily.

You cannot hear or feel loving messages until you are QUIET inside. If you are filled with “noise” and dense, negative thoughts and emotions, you cannot “hear” the subtler messages of Love and Appreciation that are being sent to you every moment of every day.

Meditation on your Divine Self will open a pathway that will provide direct access for you to the Divine Love to which you are fully entitled.  Meditation using a powerful mantra will “eat up” the interfering noises, negative thoughts, and emotions so you can hear the subtle messages.

How can I find the “right” form of meditation for me?

There is no “right” or “wrong” form of meditation. There are many different forms, but some are easier to learn than others. ASK to be guided to the best form for you to learn easily and quickly, and you will receive external signals that will take you to the person who can best teach you the form of meditation that will accelerate your return to Divine Love and Divine Consciousness.

How can I receive guidance that will help me in my daily life?

When you open the connection with Source through meditation, you will begin receiving guidance on a daily, even hourly basis.  After sitting for meditation is a good time to journal – to set the intention to receive guidance, to wait patiently, and then to write down whatever you receive without editing any of it.  When you reread the messages, you will notice that they vibrate at higher frequencies of Love, and that will tell you that this is not your ego or personality giving the message, but a higher aspect of you that knows and understand your true nature.

When can I start?


How do I start?

If you already know a form of meditation, you can start with that.  Set aside 20 minutes daily in the early morning.  Set aside a space that will become your sacred meditation space.  In that space you need very little.  You can have a candle, a crystal, or nothing at all.  You can have a clock or watch to let you know when 20 minutes are up.  You need a chair or cushions (if you can sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor).  That’s all you need in your sacred space. 

The purpose is to go INSIDE.  Therefore, anything you place in this Sacred Meditation Space must send you WITHIN, not distract you back into the physical world.

If you don’t already know how to meditate, make it your goal today to seek out someone who teaches meditation.


I’ve been meditating since the 1970’s.  I first learned “Transcendental Meditation” and later on learned Siddha Yoga Meditation, which uses a more powerful mantra. 

The experience of meditation has been a healing one for me.  The benefits are enormous.  My physical body becomes calmer – heart rate slows, blood pressure normalizes, breathing relaxes.  My mind becomes clearer, calmer, quieter.  My connection to my I Am Presence and Source grows exponentially.  Meditation with a mantra helped to transform my life.  That’s why I share this information with you.

Today, as we awaken to Consciousness, meditation is still a valuable method assisting me to expand my Consciousness and live in alignment with my I Am Presence and Source.



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  1. cheryl

    Beautifully put Nedda! I have had a daily Yoga Nidra practice (learned from Yogi Amrit Desai) for over 6 years and it has totally changed my life in so many ways. I find a guided meditation much easier as it helps to eliminate any other distractions. I have had many physical challenges over the years, and meditation has helped me to deal with them calmly and realize that my physical limitations do not define me. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Paula Brown

    Nedda, many thanks for the post…wonderful and very easy to “digest”! I am a long time “meditator” and I am finding with the timelines and “noise” in full speed, it is the one way to connect up, hear, and stay centered. A necessity for sure. Love your open manner and acceptance to all types of “ways” to meditate.



    • Nedda

      Hi, Paula,

      I’ve learned that not every system works for everyone, which is exactly WHY there are so many different ways to do it. So I just want to encourage folks to find the way that works best for them.

      Glad you liked this post.



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