The Truth About Receiving in My Life

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Age of Ascension | 7 comments


How Can I Open to Receive?


Last summer was a time of exploration for myself, a time of discovery.

I discovered that I was working very hard and enjoying it, but I was also exhausted and felt as though I could not keep up the pace.

I discovered that the exhaustion was from giving away too much of myself and receiving too little back.  The giving and receiving in my life was way out of balance.  It still feels out of balance to me.

I discovered that, central to my financial situation, was a set of beliefs that keep me from being open to receive the abundance that I keep asking the universe to send  me.

I discovered that I am giving away far too much for free.  I seem to have created a situation where many people, reflecting the pattern back to me, expect me to give more and more away in exchange for nothing at all.

I discovered that having an open heart is not enough because the moment someone gives me a gift – any gift – I feel compelled to give them something back in return.  Sometimes I completely  resist receiving what they have generously offered.  I try to talk them out of it and I’m good at this, so I usually succeed.  I can recall past situations in which I completely rejected their gifts, thus offending people whom I care deeply about and leaving them feeling rejected as well.

I discovered that I don’t know how to get out of this pattern.

I discovered that trying to create a new balance is essential to my experiencing HEALTH, JOY, and ABUNDANCE.

It is now 5 months later, and this issue is still looming large in my life.

I AM ASKING FOR HELP  from my I Am Presence and the rest of the “upstairs department,” although I fervently hope that I will not immediately reject help when it arrives, which is part of the same pattern.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for having this pattern and am saying the forgiveness prayer that I teach to others.

Last summer I thought that a professional colleague of mine had the answers to this, but it turned out that her approach felt plastic to me  – hard and artificial.  It sent me down a detour that I hoped would clear this issue, but which did not.  Her approach was not a heart-felt system, and that is essential for my spiritual goals to be achieved.

So I may not be back to “square 1” because I understand more now, but understanding is not sufficient to break through a block like this.  This is a very, very large old block.  It feels like a mountain.

I am open to receiving prayers for my success in taking back my personal power in this situation.   Thank you in advance for any prayers you may choose to send.



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  1. Sharon

    Regarding being open to gifts that are sent to you. Keep in mind that old joke about the person on his rooftop because of a flood. He kept asking God to save him. Eventually he drowned and when he got to heaven he asked why God didn’t help him. God said he sent a boat, a helicoptor and something else but the guy kept refusing because God was going to save him. I guess my point is that you should accept any gifts offered to you. God is behind the giving too–there are no coincidences. As you said you don’t want to hurt the giver. I appreciate all you have given this last year through your teleconferences. Thank you, thank you. I hope you can feel the love that all the participants are sending your way in thanks.

    • Nedda

      Hi, Sharon,

      Oh, yes, I know this story.

      “Accept everything as a gift.”

      That’s a part of this lesson for sure!!

      Thank you so much.


  2. Mary Helen Schmidt

    You have helped me and so many other people. Whatever this “block” may be is a familiar and universal pattern. Isn’t that why we as students and seekers call someone like you to help us work through issues and questions about our “calling”
    We have all taken a class or seminar and felt like it just didn’t resonate or come through with the wisdom we thought we would find. Yet we gain a lesson somewhere even with frustration and our reaction to our seeminjgly big mistake ( or so we think)
    You are a shining star and example for many. It is truly an inspired action to put this out there to those who know you. It’s for a reason.-we can’t always know what it is but somehow or someway spirit will give you what it is you need to know. I am still learning to allow and go with the flow-even if it doesn’t take me where I thought I wanted to go!
    Sending you images and prayers of lightness and love, Mary Helen

    • Nedda

      Dear Mary Helen,

      Your words are very touching. Thank you. As I read your message, I’m reminding myself to open my heart and receive all the love and warmth and prayers you are sending.


  3. sue

    The hardest challenge we all face daily is learning to unconditionally love ourselves. We all struggle with endless lists of illusions we have choosen to crazily embrace. Have no fear–healing energy is on the way! We are all so grateful for your spritual leadership, strength and wisdom.

    • Nedda

      Thank you, Sue. This is definitely part of the issue.

      I also am aware that the 11:11:11 energies are bringing all this up for me in an intense way. Growth is always a bit painful when we resist, so I’m reminding myself to let go and just allow the process. This usually speeds it up and makes it easier and more comfortable.

      Love and Light,

  4. Phil Milgrom

    Namaste Nedda. Your service, your heart, yourSelf – they are priceless. Asking for what you deserve gives us the opportunity to honor and thank you. It’s small for us, really, compared to what we receive.

    Note from phil-who-has-it-easy-encouraging-others-but-not-necessarily-self – I experience the same obstacle in my life. May we all respect and honor who we are and the gifts that we give and receive.

    Happy Thanksgiving


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