The Seed of Equivalent Benefit

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When one of my sisters was still in grammar school, she admitted to me that when she was younger, she used to think that when Florida was sold by Spain to the US, it was cut off from Spain, floated across the ocean, and attached to the southern border of the east coast.  Makes sense to me!

Isn’t it amazing, the things we “used to think” were true?  Or maybe the things we think are true now are more amazing?

I remember the first time I went to Europe.  I was about 18 and headed to Scotland for 2 months on the Experiment in International Living.  I remember thinking, “Now I’ll find out if Europe is really there or if all the stuff they told us in school is just made up.”  Sure enough, I looked out the window of the airplane as it passed over Ireland, and there was land below us looking quite different from the New England we had left many hours earlier.  When we got off the plane, we were in France and everyone spoke French.  Proof, right?

We tend to laugh at the “innocence” of children, but really, we should be laughing at ourselves.  We keep making all kinds of false assumptions about our lives. 

For example, we all assume that everything important in our lives that is going well will remain the same indefinitely.  We hope things will improve;  we fear that they might not.  But many times we settle for just hanging in there.

Change, however, is the only constant in our lives.  That’s it!  The sooner we stop fearing it and start embracing it, the happier we will all be.  How can we achieve this? 

Each thing contains it’s opposite.  The yin-yang symbol demonstrates this for us.  Look how each side has a small circle of the other within it.   This is also true of every event and situation in our lives. 

We might, at first, react to something as if it were a terrible event.  But if we search for the SEED OF EQUIVALENT BENEFIT within it, we will find one.  And even if that seed seems very tiny at first, focusing on it with intent and putting some joyful emotion into it will cause that seed to sprout and grow into something beautiful.  I’ve done this many times in my life, and the results have always been amazing.  Give it a try!


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