The Seat of the Soul

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by Gary Zukov


The Seat of the Soul

While working on some newsletters today, I was drawn to reopen a book I read many years ago.  The Seat of the Soul is Gary Zukov’s divinely inspired contribution to understanding what is happening to humanity right now.

First published in the late 1980’s, The Seat of the Soul still provides insight into the evolutionary process that we humans are undergoing as, like the catapiller who becomes a butterfuly, we morph from homo sapiens to homo luminous. 

His words are still filled with Divine wisdom and insight.  His style is still easy to understand, and his message is still on target.  Here are a few of the powerful statements that resonate for me.

…a truly evolved being is one that values others more than it values itself, and that values love more than it values the physical world and what is in it. (p. 21)

…Our species has become arrogant….  We believe that we are conscious and that the Universe is not….  (p. 50)

Reverence is contact with the essence of each thing and person and plant and bird and animal.  It is contact with the interior of its beingness….  Reverence is an attitude of honoring life….  Only when we see through eyes that lack reverence, for example, does the feeding of one animal upon another appear to be a cruel system instead of one where species learn to give to each other, where there is a natural give and take and sharing of the energies between kingdoms.  (p. 50, 52)

The part of yourself that reaches toward Light may not be the strongest part of you at the moment that you choose to journey toward authentic power consciously . . . but it is the part that the Universe backs. (p. 142)

It is the health of the soul that is the true purpose of the human experience.  Everything serves that.  (p. 189)


If any of these thoughts resonate for you, I urge you to read his book for yourself.  As I remember, I would get into bed each evening and read a few pages and contemplate the messages.  That is the best way to read a book of this magnitude.

As you consider the Light (information) presented in The Seat of the Soul, ask your own Divine Self – your I Am Presence – to give you messages, insights, and understandings.  Then you will begin to open even more to your own Divinity, the source of your inner Truth.





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