The Mark of a Warrior

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The Warrior Within

Within each of us is a warrior spirit, the part of us that has met challenges from infancy onward, creatively surviving all kinds of difficulties and even abuse, in some instances, and making decisions about life, the universe, and how we personally can “make it” to adulthood and beyond.

The warrior spirit, in my experience, goes unrecognized by many of us because we have never honored the inner child who has kept us going for so many years.  Today, as many of us are discovering that the decisions of childhood and even of a lifetime no longer work for us, we are having to reach back and help our inner children.

Many of our inner selves feel ignored, misunderstood, and abandoned.  They may feel angry, sad, and hurt, but they are also a great source of our inner power and self-respect.  Contacting our inner children may be, for many of us, the first step in restoring our awareness of our personal power.

I recently made contact with a little girl inside of me – about 6 years old – who is the one who remembers in great detail the experience of a terrible automobile accident.  I am so glad to know her.  She is a very intelligent, beautiful, and talented child.  She is psychic.  She “knew” the accident was going to happen before it actually occurred.  She also figured out how to survive in the world after being badly injured.

Sadly, this little inner child also made some very powerful decisions about her own beauty and worth and value that might have served her well when she was small, but no longer serve us today.  The injuries to her were not just physical, but also psychological.

Today, she and I are engaged in a process of inner healing.

I am allowing this child to lead us both through the healing process at her own pace.  When someone’s basic trust level has been damaged or destroyed, you cannot force them to heal.  You cannot think your way through it.  You may not even be able to encourage them to heal.  You have to start a ground level – being consciously present with them so that they can learn, at their own pace, that you will not abandon them – no matter what – and that they might really have an opportunity to make some new choices.

Perhaps you, too, made some decisions about who you are when you were very young.  Perhaps those decisions no longer work for you.

Among our inner children are the warriors who survived our childhoods and brought us to this moment – today – as best they could.  When we learn how to help them accept some new beliefs about themselves, our beliefs about ourself also change, for these children truly are us.


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