The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot

by | Nov 18, 2008

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What if our entire world, our minds and bodies, and the very universe itself are all holographic projections?  This is the idea explored in this remarkable book by Michael Talbot. 

A hologram is created when a beam of light passes through a template to create a 3-dimensional image.  Every part of a holographic image contains all the other parts.  Once you understand the concepts and research that supports this view of the universe, Mr. Talbot takes you on an adventure, showing how phenomenon that remain unexplained by other scientific theories make perfect sense when the holographic concept is applied. 

Like the holodeck on Star Trek, the Next Generation, a hologram looks and feels “real.”  Especially so, since Mr. Talbot explains that our brains are also holographic.  The idea that our bodies are holograms makes great sense when you know that energy healers are aware of an energy template that exists in our auric field.  When Spiritual Light shines through the template, our physical body “appears” to exist. 

People who were aware of the human aura used to think that the aura emanated from the physical body.  Today, that understanding has completely reversed itself.  The physical body is now understood to be an energy body as well, sitting within the auric field.  My own experiences as a healer support this.  When I facilitate healing for people or animals, the healing guides often work on repairing the body’s template which can be damaged by injury, surgery, or even illness at the physical level.  Full healing seems to require that the template be returned to it’s pristine state.

The Holographic Universe is easy to read and understand, even when the concepts seem more on the complex side.  Each chapter has many sections, so the book lends itself to short reading sessions as you have time.  I suggest you explore The Holographic Universe at your earliest opportunity.  My only regret is that the book was published in the 1991 and it took me so long to discover it.

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