The Higher Purpose of the Lockdown? Spiritual Awakening!

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Food for Thought | 4 comments

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“I’m afraid of Death,” said my adult niece.

I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did.  Her fear brought the entire conversation to a halt because it was so strong that she couldn’t even talk about it.

Death is a natural process that we all experience in 3-D.  It happens to everyone at that level of Consciousness.

So why do we fear it?

Programming – by religious organizations to control us, to keep us in the fear matrix of 3-D duality consciousness.

The so-called corona virus is being used to revv up our fears and send us spiraling into states of confusion, panic, terror, and horror.  This prevents us from thinking clearly, from asking questions unwanted by the government and others who seek to control us.

The “lockdown” is touted as a way to prevent people from getting sick, but it really is being used to isolate us, to limit our physical contact, which we need to be healthy physically and emotionally.

The goal seem to be to keep us small, limited, afraid, and isolated, and to get us to inject our bodies with whatever the controllers choose to put into what they are calling a vaccine.

BUT, and this is a very big BUT, there is SPIRITUAL GOOD NEWS if you choose to focus on that opportunity.

What if this whole situation is designed to get people to TURN WITHIN.  To step back from everything they held onto that keeps them limited and small, and to give them an opportunity to question everything that they thought was true and real about their lives.

While there is chaos, there is opportunity to for new growth to emerge, new choices to be made, new adventures to be experienced.

And the greatest adventure of all is not, as Star Trek would have you believe, to go “where no man [or woman] has gone before.”

The greatest adventure is to GO WITHIN and re-discover your Divinity, your True Self, and your infinite Divine nature.

This entire situation of lockdowns and masks, and fear-mongering messages (such as being told to “stay safe” 100 times a day) has the benefit, i.e., major Gold Nugget of giving you time and space to take a look at your life, to make new choices, to free you from your addiction to the material world, and to turn you back to your Soul, to your Divine Self.

If fear of death is keeping you small, you might read some books about NDE (Near Death Experiences).  There are many good ones out there.  They all demonstrate that what you believe is what you create.

Most people who have  NDEs discover the Divine Truth of Infinite Love is readily available to them.  They learn that they are the only one who is judging them.  They often discover their Soul Purpose, and return to 3-D Consciousness with a strong desire to fulfill that purpose.

There are other ways to discover your Soul’s purpose.  You don’t have to have an NDE to find out what it is.  The important thing to remember is that your Soul does have a purpose for your life.

Remember, you have already been told that:

God is Love.

You were created from Love.

The Divine Self lives within you as You.

Infinite Love is the only Truth.

Everything else is illusion.

What will you choose?  What kind of reality do you want to continue to experience?

One based on fear?

Or one based on Love?

One based on duality and conflict?

Or one based on unity and cooperation?

One based on limitation?

Or one based on expansion, which leads to great experiences of creativity, joy, and Love?


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  1. Jane Sanders

    I LOVE your message and it is a choice we all need to make. I’m choosing expansion and a better world for all of us. All the best to you and your furry friends 🙂

  2. Cathy Priestley

    Thank you for the reminder. In a recent meditation which took me to speak with pipistrelle bat I was guided to look within for the truth so your message is very synchronous. Very best wishes and thanks!

  3. Nancy

    While I agree that this pandemic is an opportunity for spiritual growth, the first part of your message smacks of paranoia and conspiracy theories. You suggest that the virus is a hoax and that government health requests to reduce our social contacts have no merit outside of a desire to control us. Last week, I lost an elderly friend to covid because he ignored the health official‘s warnings and travelled to a larger community to celebrate the holidays with family. The entire family caught covid from one member who worked in the public. I have no idea why you would start a post intended (I think) to move people beyond fear with diatribe more worthy of a Q-anon believer than a light warrior. It’s possible to feel love for the virus as a member of our global ecosystem and as a needed change agent, but still respect the science and follow health recommendations to avoid getting it or passing it on to others. What reality do you want to live in? One of fear-based conspiracy theories about plots to control us? Or one in which we recognize that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world (“what you believe you create”) These so-called plots to control us reflect your world, not mine. I’m choosing love, love for the virus, love for the scientists who are doing their best to understand the virus, love for all those whose loved ones have transitioned during this great time of change and especially love for the front-line healthcare workers who risk their lives every day for others. I don’t care if you post this message, it’s meant for you, not your other readers. I rarely comment on blogs, but the first part of your post is disturbing and contradicts the rest of the message. What are YOU choosing to be your reality?

    • Nedda

      Hi, Nancy,

      The term “conspiracy theory” was created by the media and is used to keep people from considering that there are valid alternative ways to view any situation. Some conspiracies are theories, and many, many others are not theories at all when you look at all the evidence closely with an open mind and listen to differing viewpoints among experts.

      Whatever happened to our democracy? Democracy requires that alternative viewpoints can be openly discussed without vitriolic attacks or bans on any person who expresses a different opinion.

      Why are opinions that differ from the official ones being removed from Youtube and Facebook and other social media?

      Why are we assuming that people can’t or shouldn’t think for themselves?

      Whatever happened to allowing individuals to consider all aspects and viewpoints of a situation, and then make their own decisions about what is true or false or outright lies?

      Democracy requires that freedom of thought and expression be encouraged even when it doesn’t follow the “official line” on any subject that arises. All this effort to negatively label and denigrate opinions that don’t agree with the official one are, from my viewpoint, intent in undermining our democratic system and moving us to a totalitarian, fascist social and political system. They also promote fear and anger, and create the divisions that are so prominent today.

      I believe in Freedom of Thought, open discussion, and each individual’s right to choose what resonates for them and what is true for them. This is, in my opinion, a loving way to be with each other.

      Facts, unfortunately, are not absolute. As a student of history, I have learned that there are many outright lies in our history books being promoted as truth. What the media is doing today is no different. Some of what they say is true, but only partially, and a lie of omission is still a lie. A lot of what they say are outright lies, too.

      I’m not paranoid because I’m not in fear, but even paranoia is based on something real, as psychotherapists will attest. Perhaps the fear you sensed was your own?

      History is written by the victors, those who win the wars, and “official” stories are used to manipulate the minds of the citizens, both before and after events take place.

      In today’s world, much is being revealed that was hidden, and much still remains hidden, waiting to be revealed. Even our Presidents aren’t given all the information of what’s going on behind the scenes in hidden parts of our government, and much that is labelled “national security” is really just an effort to keep citizens in the dark.

      If you are truly in a place of LOVE, then send LOVE to everyone instead of attacking some for having a different opinion than your own or than the official media/government position.

      Yes, my viewpoint is not the majority one, but it may become so when more and more individuals decide to examine ALL the information available, not just what the government and the media are telling them.

      Using labels to create fear and undermine clear thinking and analysis doesn’t help anyone regardless of their energy frequency or their intention to spiritually ascend.


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