Telepathy with Souls

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A Conversation  Between

Nedda Wittels and Suzanne Seaman

Dear Suzanne,

 Hi Nedda ~

I believe that everyone is telepathic, whether or not they know it and whether or not they have developed the skill.

Yes, absolutely, they are. 

In this New Age on Earth, we are remembering these abilities and it’s delightful to meet someone else who has ventured into the area of speaking with infants and others who can’t talk.

Yes, it’s very exciting for me, too. We must have intended to do this work before coming in, don’t you think?

This particular door opened for me about four years ago when a friend here in Victoria, who works with palliative people, called me up with a request. A client of hers, a woman in her nineties, had been unconscious for weeks, and seemed to be having trouble releasing from her body. Would I come and connect with her, as I do with the animals? I said I would ask my guides about it, and of course they said go for it.

 I went to the bedside of this elderly woman, got comfortable, and began the connection. She told me, from the soul level, that her people and guides were with her and that their arms were outstretched to welcome her home. “But I am afraid to die” she told me. “I am afraid that I am not worthy to go to heaven.”

I assured her that she was worthy. We communicated back and forth for awhile and then she thanked me, as well as the people who had cared for her in this final stage of her life, and then she said that she was finished the session. I, in turn, thanked her, and left.

 I received a call that night from my friend who had stayed with her and she told me that this woman’s face began to relax immediately afterwards, and within 2 hours, she had gone forward and left her body behind.

When I heard that, I thought wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to do more of this ~ to give people who can’t communicate, a way to do so?

I agree.

A few years back, I was doing a series of distant healings for a man in a coma.  I soon realized I could speak with him during the sessions.  So I would ask him, “Do you want to wake up now?”  He kept on saying “no” until one day, he said “yes” and when his partner, who was paying for the healings, visited him that night, he was awake.  But he kept his awakened state a secret from the nurses, the doctors, and his sister and children for a long time, pretending to still be in a coma.

So one day, I said to him, telepathically, that if he wanted to get out of the hospital, he really had to stop pretending and let folks know he was out of the coma and wanted to get better.  That evening, his partner visited him and he was sitting up and talking to the nurse.  She was amazed, and I was really pleased to know that I had been able to communicate with him.

Nedda Wittels

Suzanne M. Seaman, author of, “Messages from Light.“

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  1. Kathi Sherburne

    Absolutely everyone has this ability. I’ve been using it with animals to let their people know when they are ready to cross and how (at home or with a vet’s help). I used this most recently with my father to ask him if he wanted us to be with him when he crossed. He told me ‘no’ and waited until my mother and son had left the room. I’ve checked on him since and know he’s doing great on the “other side” and watching over us. On another occasion I connected with my unborn niece cross country and she let me know when she was ready to be born so I could note the time and energetically assist in the birthing process using EFT (emotional freedom technique tapping) for my sister-in-law. My niece was born within minutes of my noting the time to my husband and my sister-in-law had a very quick and easy delivery. I believe more and more people are waking up this innate ability within me during these energetic times. Practice makes perfect 😉

  2. Ellyn S.


  3. Suzanne M. Seaman

    Thank you Nedda for the Lightwork that you do. And thank you Ellyn and Kathi for your comments. It’s very gratifying to me to find others who are on the same page. Non-verbal people CAN communicate, and the way that they do this is from the soul level. Therefore, I call the process Soul Voice Communication. The method that I use is automatic writing, which I have been using for many years to connect with the animal kingdom. To date, I have linked with babies (before and after birth), several people with dementia and the unconscious lady in palliative care that I mentioned in the conversation with Nedda, in the above blog post. I look forward to venturing further; perhaps linking with people within the Autism spectrum, stroke victims, and so on.
    I would love to hear about anyone else’s experiences in connecting with people on the soul level. Onward and upward.

    • Nedda

      I have a teleclass that I gave one time on how people can speak with others soul-to-soul to resolve conflicts, call clients, and heal. It’s a very powerful course. Haven’t taught it in a awhile, but I use this technique to tell my potential clients about my offerings.


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