“Stones Walls Do Not a Prison Make . . .

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Age of Ascension | 2 comments

Nor iron bars a cage.”

From a poem by Richard Lovelace.

You may have heard the theory that 3-D Earth is a prison planet.  A prison doesn’t need stone walls and iron bars.  A prison can exist within our consciousness, and that’s the type of prison we lived in while in 3-D.   Some of us are awakening spiritually and breaking out of the prison, while others still seem to be enthralled by the unreality they experience as real.

Those who are awakened and awakening are escaping from the mind-control by tuning into our True Selves, who are limitless, without boundaries, and able to create in the most expansive ways.   We are remembering our Godhood and our connections to ALL THAT IS.

The journey from our prisons to our expanded selves in underway, but “it ain’t easy.”

Each of us has within us aspects of ourselves from this lifetime who have been conditioned, brainwashed, victimized, betrayed, abused, threatened, punished, and generally manipulated into decisions designed to keep us small, feeling helpless, angry, frustrated, ashamed, fearful, terrified, and so on.  These decision determine who we believe are and how we decided to live our lives.

This is the cage we have been living in.  When we look out through our limited physical sensory system  – when we use only our 5 physical senses – we see a reflection that confirms for us that all these negative emotions and beliefs are true descriptions of ourselves and our lives. Sadly, these perceptions were designed to keep us enslaved at that level of consciousness.

This is why, having arrived in 5-D, we looked around and to our horror and dismay, we still saw all the 3-D “stuff” seeming to go on and on. We questioned whether we had, in fact, “made it” to 5-D at all.

We MUST STOP FEEDING the energies that

maintain the old 3-D world. 

It’s time for a major internal spring cleaning.

Whenever you discover yourself immersed in old 3-D patterns or dealing with 3-D reflections – give this a try:

  1. ALLOW.  Allow all that is not LOVE to float away.  When we RESIST what is not LOVE, we give it energy.  We strengthen it.  Allowing feels too soft to be strong enough, but LOVE itself is the strongest power in the universe.  We must ALLOW LOVE to be present in us and in all things.  Call it in.  Ask for DIVINE LOVE to be present in every moment of your life each day.
  2. FORGIVE.  Forgive yourself. Forgive the “other” who actually is you.  Forgive yourself for participating in the create of this experience.  Forgive yourself  for your RESISTANCE to allowing and to letting go.
  3. LET GO.  Let go of whatever you’re still clinging to that is 3-D.  Old resentments?  Let them go.  Old angers?  Let them go?  Old stories of how your life “sucks?”  Let them go.  Old patterns of behavior that produce unsatisfying results?  Let them go.
  4. DIVINE LOVE without CONDITIONS.  Fill yourself and every situation with Divine Love.  Make this a daily practice, hour by hour, minute by minute.  It takes time to create a new habit.  Why not start now?

You won’t become a 5-D person while clinging to 3-D patterns

Lest you feel that I’m somehow doing this with ease and grace, I will share with you that this last week has been one of frustration, rage, and serious ill health.  To fully heal myself, I’m working with various inner aspects of myself.  Here’s one example.

There is a little girl part of me (age 3 or so) who is clinging stubbornly to a decrepit old boating dock.  She’s in the water and the water is cold.  She’s clinging so hard that her little numb hands cannot be pried from the decaying wood.

Why is she clinging?  I’m not sure yet of all the details, but she believes that this is the only way she can survive.  The consequences of her doing this have serious physical and emotional consequences for me that are tremendously limiting. 

And I can’t make her let go.  She has to decide that she wants to take a chance and trust.  So far, she hasn’t done that. 

What she doesn’t realize is that there is a huge wave of water coming, and if she doesn’t let go she’ll either be killed by the impact of the wave or the dock will break and she’ll be washed out to sea and drown.  She won’t listen to me because she believes that she is doing the safe, smart thing.  She has zero trust in me or in the Divine.

Working with this child is a major challenge, as she won’t respond to words of love or support.  Working with her requires BEING PRESENT.  It requires FORGIVENESS.  It requires PATIENCE.  It requires offering DIVINE LOVE to someone who rejects that love outright.  It requires doing this over and over again until something changes.

If you have an inner child who is clinging desperately to the past in the belief that only the old 3-D ways will save her or him, then I encourage you not to give up.  These inner children have great gifts to offer us, but first we must LOVE THEM WITHOUT CONDITIONS and ALLOW them to discover that the power of love can free them from the prison of their beliefs.

The power of LOVE will free us, too.  So make the commitment to yourself to break out of the prison of the spirit.  Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™ is designed to assist you with this process.


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  1. Mary

    Hi Nedda,
    Perhaps you’re hanging on too tightly to the outcome for this little girl. Maybe you need to let her go knowing that the decision is hers and only she can choose.

    • Nedda

      Yes, I’ve told her that. Since I first wrote this, she has been learning how to float on the water and is doing much better, thanks.


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