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    This website is devoted to healing as a spiritual journey, to serving others, and to Compassion, Non-Judgment, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Generosity, and Courage.  Divine Love and Divine Light guide the way.

    • Meet Nedda
      Meet Nedda as she shares her personal experiences with animals who teach and guide her; Read about her mission and vision for the future.

    • Animal Services
      Offered with Love and Compassion to you and your animals.  What is "animal communication"? What is "energy healing"?  What specific benefits do people report?

      • Telepathic Consultations for Your Animals
        What happens during animal communication sessions?  How can you prepare for your first session?  Clients share their success stories:  two dogs stop fighting; another dog agrees to stay closer to home; a cat returns to using his litter box.

      • Healing Sessions for Your Animals
        What happens before, during, and after your animal's healing?  How does Nedda works with Spirit to bring about the Highest Good for your animal friend?  Clients share their success stories:  a badly injured dog finally begins to recover; a sick cat defies veterinary prognosis and gets well; a horse with emotional and energy issues gets it all together.

      • Ethical Matters
        Nedda has adopted the Code of Ethics developed by Penelope Smith.  Still, there are always questions when applying such a code.  Some of these questions are discussed.

      • Books
        Here are some excellent books on Animal Communication and gentle dog training.

    • Human Services
      Advanced healing services and spiritual information are available to assist you on your life path.

      • Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™
        Restore your personal power and create clarity, harmony, and balance in your life.  Discover that you can follow your soul path and achieve your personal goals.

      • Akashic Record Consultation
        Get answers to questions you can ask the Record Keepers; receive powerful healings as you choose to release yourself from the past and from patterns that are still blocking you from a joyful life.

      • Preparation for Surgery
        Nedda facilitates energy healing sessions that help you recover from injury and illness.

      • Source Resonance Healing™
        Learn to take charge of your life.  Take back your personal power.  Nedda sees her role as one of empowering others.  Clients give feedback on Spiritual Empowerment

      • Metaphysical Resonance Imaging™
        A fifth Dimensional Body Scan.

    • Mentoring for Animal Communicator Professionals

    • Educational Programs
      All coaching programs, teleclasses, and workshop information; calendar of events.

    • Stories and Articles
      Organized by subjects

      Nedda's Experiences With Her Animals

      • My First Healing
        Nedda's first experience as healer took place when her horse, Echo, was injured.

      • Walking My Talk
        A squirrel helps Nedda understand that she must live what she is teaching.

      • Echo's Transition
        The story of Echo's euthanasia at the age of 22, performed with Love and Light.

      • Violet Returns
        A Siamese cat named Violet masterminds her return to Nedda's life.

      • Sakkara's Story
        How finding a cat at the Humane Society changed Nedda's life.

      • A Gift From Echo
        Can animals materials objects after they leave their bodies?  Echo did!

      • Saying Goodbye
        Knowing about the grieving process makes it easier to work through grief, as Nedda discovered through personal experience.

      Animal Communication

      • Going to the Horse's Mouth
        We all talk to our animals.  Now it is time to listen to what they have to say.  If you want to know what an animal is thinking or feeling, you have to ask the animal.

      • Help for Biting Dogs
        If your dog nips or bites you or anyone else, it is imperative for both your sakes to take steps to identify and resolve the biting behavior.

      • Predator and Prey
        Nedda interviews a horse and two cats about the relationship between predators and their prey.

      • To Bee or Not to Bee
        Taking the time to communicate with bees can save you from getting stung.

      • Transforming Our Viewpoint
        Can even a squirrel have something to teach us?  In this case, the answer is definitely, "Yes!"  Learn how communicating with an animal can broaden your viewpoint, just as it did for Nedda

      • What Animal Communicator's Do
        Straightforward answers to some basic questions about Animal Communication.

      • What's in a Name?
        Animals may try to live up to the names we give them, or may reject a name totally.  True stories of how names and changing an animal's name affected some animals' behaviors.

      • While I'm Away
        Nedda explains two tried and true techniques for helping you and your animals while you travel.

      Animals in Spirit

      • Animal Passage into Spirit
        Nedda often speaks to animals who are very ill or dying.  Here she discusses some of the questions clients most frequently want to ask their animal about preparing for death.

      • Reincarnating Pets
        The true story of a dog who came back to her family in a new body.  Look at the pictures and see if you can recognize the spirit returned.

      • What Fred Said
        The true story of a dog named Fred.  While preparing for his death, Fred began to share his understanding of the spirit world to his human companion.

      Facilitating Energy Healing

      • Animal Healers
        Often animals act as healers for humans emotionally and by facilitating healing energetically.  Read about how some of them do this.

      • Helping Patches Breathe
        A Springer Spaniel with a breathing problem in hot, humid weather is helped by a simple healing technique.

      Grieving and Healing Our Grief

      • Saying Goodbye
        Nedda shares her earliest experiences with grief and how she prepared for Echo's passing.

      Living with Cats

      • Cats and Litter Boxes
        Humans and animals have very different feelings about urine and other bodily waste.  True stories of cats who stopped using their litter boxes and the reasons why.

      • Ten Keys to Feline Well-being
        Ten principles of feline care that Nedda has learned from books, veterinarians, holistic practitioners, friends, and her own life experience with cats.

      • Medicating Your Cat
        My cats have taught me about giving pills and medicine to them.  Now, we share our system with you.

      • Tips for Litter Box Management
        Knowing how cats like their litter boxes to be kept will go far to prevent litter box issues; suggestions for helping elderly cats to keep using the litter box.

      • Desensitizing Your Cat or Dog
        There is help available for animals who have experienced trauma.  Help your animals with nail clipping, body clipping, and other important care activities that might currently be experienced by them as traumatic.

      Spiritual Ascension

      • Achieving Self-Empowerment
        The world outside of us is not separate from us.  It is actually mirroring our own issues and beliefs right back at us.  To change what we are experiencing, therefore, we must change ourselves.

      • Overcoming Fear
        Fear is the main tool of those who choose to disempower us.  Sources of fear, techniques for eliminating fear, and a meditation to help you become fearless are discussed.

      • Remembering Divine Love
        Once you experience Divine Love, you will recognize it anywhere.  How can we each remember this experience?

      • Self-Mastery
        What does it mean to be a "Master"?  How can you recognize when you are being manipulated by others who want to steal your power? Take back your power now!

      • Transition 2012
        What will happen in 2012?  Is it something to be feared or something to be anticipated with great excitement?  How can each of us prepare for Spiritual Ascension?

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      Discussions, stories, and testimonials on Ascension, Spiritual Empowerment, Animal Communication; and many other subjects

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