Self-Love Assessment

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Age of Ascension | 4 comments

Are you your own best friend?

self-love roses

 Do you treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you?

Others will follow your lead.

When you treat yourself lovingly and with respect,

others will do the same.



Which of the items on this list

do you do for yourself with regularity?

Which of the items on this list

do you need to focus on to

increase your self-love?

  1. Do you love yourself unconditionally, despite any flaws you might see?

  2. Have you eliminated self criticism?

  3. Are you kind and gentle with yourself?

  4. Do you praise yourself daily?

  5. Do you acknowledge your efforts instead of focusing on whether you win or lose?

  6. Have you given up worrying?

  7. Do you trust yourself completely and have confidence in your ability to cope with whatever comes in life?

  8. Are you willing and able to forgive yourself for whatever issues you’re still holding onto?

  9. Are you truthful to yourself about your emotions, feelings, and thoughts?

  10. Are you committed to your spiritual growth, seeking peace, harmony, contentment, and compassion for yourself and others?

  11. Do you make positive affirmations daily?

  12. Do you feel a sense of gratitude for your strengths and gifts?

  13. Do you nurture your dreams?

  14. Do you take steps to improve your self-confidence?

  15. Do you take time to relax, re-create yourself, and nourish your Soul?

  16. Do you take time to do things that are fun and joyful?

  17. Do you nurture your physical body with loving care, nourishing food, plenty of water, plenty of rest, and other essentials for good health?

  18. Do you notice the beauty within you and around you every day?

Completed your assessment?

Now choose where to focus your efforts to increase your self-love.

Then you will truly be your own best friend.

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  1. Doug Hagens

    A very good list! I notice lately worry helps me forget. Forget where I put my keys, the freeway exit and most everything. It’s a Forget Maker like going to center is a Remember Maker. One is a withdrawing in and the other is an expanding out. Half the time lately I don’t know what I’m doing, so I focus on trusting the love to hold my hand, to guide me, to reassure me.

    • Nedda

      What a lovely insight about worry and centering. May I quote you sometime?

      • Doug Hagens

        Of course Nedda.

  2. Mara

    Thank you for this list! I found one especially weak spot…


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