Respecting Personal Boundaries and Sending Energy

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Age of Ascension | 8 comments

In an email conversation with a friend regarding my previous post, Please. . . Please. . . Please. . .DON’T Send Energy!, the other person expressed this idea:

It’s OK to just send energy if you add “they can take as much or as little of the energy as they are open to receive even if it’s none at all.”

My response to this is that it’s essential to honor everyone’s personal space.

Putting the energy into someone’s personal space and then saying, “Well, you can take what you want and leave the rest” means you are already in their space BEFORE asking permission to be there.  You have already crossed the boundary into their personal space without asking permission.  This requires that the other person have the energy and consciousness and personal power to make a decision after you’ve invaded their space.

I know many, many people who have serious personal boundary issues. They may have been abused physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually.   Abuse is rampant in the 3-D world, including in our own culture.

They may not even recognize when someone has invaded their personal space.  They may have been conditioned to be passive or to have mushy or non-existent boundaries.  They may have given away their personal power and don’t feel safe in the world because of that and are afraid to speak up.  They usually don’t know how to take back their personal power, either.  So when you come into their space without permission, they don’t know how to cope.   At least if you ask first, you are letting them know they have a choice.  But once you’ve already violated their personal space, it may not matter what you say – they may still feel helpless to stand up for themselves.

Even with the best of intentions, invasion is still invasion.  If you are a healer, you are ethically bound to honor other beings personal space and boundaries.

Furthermore, having clear personal boundaries is very important for everyone in a world where our privacy rights have been systematically destroyed.

Respecting someone’s boundaries requires that you ask first, and then when you get a “yes”, you can still say, “now, take what you want of this energy and leave the rest.”  When you get a “no” you are still leaving that being’s privacy and personal space intact!

Hari Baba  Melchizedek (a.k.a., John Armitage) once said that he has such strong intention that he can heal people even when it would not be appropriate for their spiritual well-being and when it might not even be their choice.  He has to be very careful when he sends energy to ask permission and to not assume that the outcome should be what he thinks it should be.

I also know I have very strong intention, and I took what he said to heart.  I can only ask permission and ask that the outcome be “for the highest good of all concerned.”  For me to think that I know what the “highest good of all concerned” is for anyone, even myself at times, would be a major ego trip – a journey which I have no desire to take.

So respecting other people’s boundaries also includes the concept that most of us literally has no idea what is best for anyone else.

There’s a beautiful story about Amma, a.k.a. Mata Amritanandamayi, a spiritual teacher from India.  During a darshan (where seekers and students sit in the presence of the teacher and ask questions), a man entered the room who was leper, covered in sores.  Amma immediately arose, went over to him, hugged him, and brought him to sit beside her.  He ask her to heal him.  She then began to lick his sores, which immediately began to disappear.  Leprosy is a terrible disease that literally eats the body away, but Amma is such a high being vibrationally (spiritually) that she could not only heal this man, but do so by licking his sores without endangering her own health.  Amma did not complete the healing – she left him with one sore.  When someone asked about this, she replied that this man needed the leprosy to assist him on his spiritual path and that she had no right to take this from him.

Unlike Amma, most of us have no idea what boundaries we should or shouldn’t be crossing.  So we have to ASK!!

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  1. Peggy

    Nedda this is so true. There are far too many people out there playing God. Keep spreading the word.

  2. Ellen

    What happened that created this urgent message?

    • Nedda

      The answer is in the previous post. If you haven’t read that one, use the link at the beginning of the new one and you’ll get the entire story. Thanks for asking.

  3. Carol

    I have been practicing Reiki since the mid-1980’s and it has always been the practice, if one doesn’t have permission to send energy to a person, loved one, place, plant or anima, etcl to always send it to the person’s higherself to use in the best interest of that soul & their path. It honors the person, the intension and the energy. I always use that intension even when sending energy to an area of disaster!

  4. Carol

    I have been practicing Reiki since the mid-1980’s and it has always been the practice, if one doesn’t have permission to send energy to a person, loved one, place, plant or animal, etc to always send it to the person’s higherself to use in the best interest of that soul & their path. It honors the person, the intension and the energy. I always use that intension even when sending energy to an area of disaster!

    • Nedda

      And do you ask the person’s higher self for permission to send the energy?

      If you don’t, why not? There is no harm in asking permission, is there?

  5. Debbie

    Dear Nedda

    Thank you for your thoughts about sending energy and the complications that can arise when sending without permission. However, I feel that these are only opinions, not based on fact and it saddens me greatly that the most gentlest and loving way of helping others and the universe has been overshadowed with such an urgent message. I don’t understand how someone can send “their stuff” when sending healing – I was taught to always check with myself the reasons why I felt the need to send healing. My intention would always be to ask for permission first but sometimes this is not possible, and you may be asked to send healing on behalf of a family member who is too ill to ask for help directly. Although I feel that your opinions are well intended, I also believe that they have now detracted from a wonderfully pure and simple act of giving. It is being made too complicated when it was never intended to be.

    I am also not sure how you can know that “The Reiki energies are about 1/4 inch of a yardstick representing the vibrational frequencies now available on planet earth”. Healing after all is simply a prayer – we don’t ask for permission from anyone when we send prayers. So when we send a prayer out for someone, based on my understanding of what is contained in your message, are we not then interfering with their spiritual pathway or interfering with their frequencies?

    I only know and feel in my heart that we, as humans, seem to need to make everything overly complicated and this detracts from the very essence of what healing is all about (in my humble opinion:-)

    Sent with respect for everyone’s thoughts and opinions!



    • Nedda

      Dear Debbie,

      Thank you for sharing your input and opinions. We are each entitled to what we feel and experience as our personal truth. I appreciate you taking the time to include your thoughts and I appreciate the gentleness in your comments.

      While you may believe I’ve made things complicated, I believe I’ve simplified it: just ASK before you send energy. That’s all. It’s a very simple thing to do. It’s only one additional step. How can that be complicated?

      You said, “I was taught to always check with myself the reasons why I felt the need to send healing“, but which aspect of yourself are you checking in with? You ego self or your higher self? And just because you have a need to send energy doesn’t mean the other person’s need is being addressed by you fulfilling your need, does it?

      The type of energy healing I’m talking about is not prayer. Prayer is sent to a higher power. Energy healing is sent directly to an individual, at least that’s how I understand it. I agree that we don’t need permission to pray, but when you send energy directly to another individual, I would urge you to get permission first.

      Also, if you, yourself, have never experienced energetic intrusion, energetic manipulation by others, and energetic abuse of your personal space, these concepts might not mean anything to you personally. I have experienced these things and so have many others I know. If someone entered your home without permission, even to do something for you that they felt you needed, wouldn’t you be upset? How is sending energy into someone’s energy field any different from that?

      Regarding the Reiki energies, I have completed Reiki training as well as training in other energetic healing systems, and I’m familiar with the history of Reiki, as well. What I described as the 1/4 inch on the scale of what’s available on the Earth at this time is my personal experience of all those energies. For those people spiritually awake and actively working on their personal ascension process, sending them energies that do not vibrationally align with where they are in their process can be detrimental and can interfere in the work they are doing on themselves.

      Once again, thank you for sharing your perspective. It is much appreciated.

      Namaste (the God in me bows to the God in you).


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