Please Join Me in A Prayer for Mother Earth

by | Jun 21, 2010 | Age of Ascension | 4 comments

My dearest Mother Earth, Divine Goddess in physical form,

I ask forgiveness for all that I have done that has contributed to your crisis. I forgive myself for imagining it. I forgive myself for calling it into creation. I forgive myself as a Divine Creator. I Love myself. I Love myself. I love myself.

I offer Divine Love to support your healing. I recognize my and all of humanity’s contribution to the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, because no one of us is separate from you or from each other.

May all the Earth Kingdoms come together to support your healing. May the flow of oil and gas from the leaking well be fully stemmed immediately. May all oil wells cease to operate everywhere on your body and no longer be able to function to remove your blood. May you be allowed to keep your life-blood and may we immediately begin to live upon your body in harmony and balance.

Mother/Father Source, teach us to live differently upon the body of our Earth Mother. Let us begin this very moment to put her well-being above our own personal concerns and issues. May we treat her as we would treat ourselves, with love, respect, caring, honor, and nurturance.

My beloved Mother, I grieve for your injury and your illness, and I ask that you be fully healed without having to go through any healing crisis. May your healing reflect our healing.

I look within and see how greed has created this situation. I freely choose to give up greed, give up controlling others, give up lust for power and money, give up attachment to the external world and remember that we are all Divine beings with Divine Qualities.

Every thought I think and every word I speak and every emotion Ie feel is reflected back to me in every situation. May my eyes see only the beauty of the Earth restored. May my ears hear only the Divine Sound of the harmonious symphonies of the Earth and the Earth Kingdoms in perfect balance. May my mouth speak only healing words this day, words of kindness and affection, honor and respect for YOU, oh Divine Mother. May my Heart be fully open and be sending you whatever support you need to heal and restore you to new levels of well-being.

Mother, I send you Love. Mother, I send you gratitude and appreciation for ALL you have done for humanity over the eons and ages uncounted. Mother, I step out of judgment and hold the LIGHT and the LOVE of the female energy and the male energy in perfect balance to stop the flow of oil and gases in the Gulf.

I ask that the 4-mile wide gas bubble be siphoned off into another realm where it can do no harm.

I ask the oil in the Gulf area be vibrationally neutralized so that it can do no harm.

I ask the Spirit of Water and the Spirit of Wind, the Spirit of Fire and the Spirit of Wood, the Spirit of Earth and the Spirits of East, West, North, and South all join with me in holding a space of perfect healing for Mother Earth at ALL levels of her being.

I invite all of humanity to join in this prayer at this critical moment in humanity’s spiritual awakening process.

So be it!

Your loving Daughter,


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  1. Mary Helen

    Very heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you for this prayer. There are many prayers going out today-may each and every one be layered into a healing for Mother Earth.

  2. Ellen Becker

    Beautiful! Thank you for this, Nedda.

  3. Coralie Nellhard

    Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer Nedda.

    I affirm a great response from people to become aware of how we are all responsible for what is happening on Mother Earth.


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