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May the Purr Be with You.

Lessons from Master Teacher Sakhara.


“It’s time for you and me to have a few lessons,” Sakhara announced.  “I’ve been waiting patiently for many years to teach you.  Any other Master would have kicked you out by now.”

I was startled by this announcement, but I do understand about the relationship between the student and the Master, so I continued to listen without protest.

Sakhara continued, “It’s time for you to learn patience.”

Patience is a Cat hunting.  The Cat is still, quiet, immobile.  The Cat is so grounded that even the Earth doesn’t feel the Cat’s presence.


The Cat is so quiet that its whiskers don’t dare move in a breeze.  Its ears don’t twitch if an insect lands there.  Its tail must be perfectly still.  [Sakhara admitted that this was still a challenge for her, as she’s a “tail talker.”]


The Cat’s mind is so quiet that the mouse can’t hear her thinking.  The bird can’t smell or see her.  The chipmunk thinks the cat is a statue.


The Cat is so still that even her heartbeat is slowed.  Her breathing is peaceful.  Her eyes don’t blink.


This is Patience in a Cat.


When you learn Cat Patience, you’ll find yourself still and quiet, both outside and inside.  You come into harmony within and without.

Sakhara, lying next to me on the sofa with her back against my thigh, was totally still.  I listened to her message and found myself sinking into deep peace inside myself, with only my mantra playing in the background.  It had been a stressful morning as I worked on my taxes, but Sakhara knew how to quiet me completely.

Sakhara and I sat there for more than 30 minutes, just being present in the moment.  We shared a deeply relaxing space.  I am grateful for my teacher and her wisdom.

When did you last ask one of your animal teachers to share their wisdom?  If you haven’t done this lately, perhaps now is a good time to open your heart and imbibe.

Sakhara has promised me more lessons and has agreed that I can share them with others.

Thank you, Sakhara.

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  1. Ginger

    I sat with my dog & we talked about the cookies I have been giving him. I told him I knew they weren’t in his best interest concerning his health but I didn’t think he had much time left & that if they made him happy he could have a lot of cookies. I explained daddy was mad & didn’t want him any more, but I did & trusted him. He said he understood & was glad to know I still wanted him but he knew he probably wouldn’t stay much longer. I saw a Big difference in Roscoe’s personality after this conversation. I hope to have more with him before he goes.


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