Nurturing Compassion.

by | Jun 26, 2016

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Hugging your inner child.

Compassion doesn’t just happen.

Hugging your inner child.

Hugging and loving your inner child is a way to nurture your compassion.

We have to nurture ourselves

in order to become compassionate.

Even animals know the value of hugs.

Even animals know the value of hugs.

When you stop being judgmental towards yourself, you can become more compassionate towards yourself.

Compassion, like many other good things, begins at home.

Basically, you and I are each doing the best we can with what we know or think we know in any given moment.

If you could do better, wouldn’t you?

Stop right there.  Did I just hear you say something negative to yourself about yourself?


So why are you all over yourself calling yourself names, putting yourself down, and making yourself feel bad?

OK, so you have problems.

Do you know anyone who has no problems at all?

Everyone has challenges.  Everyone has difficulties.  That’s life, right?

I mean, what did you come here for anyway?

Did you come just to have a good time?

To party?

Or to awaken spiritually, to remember who you are, to clear up karma, and to return to higher consciousness?

If you’re still asking yourself, “why was I born?  What am I doing here?” these are important questions to get sorted out.

But if you’ve already decided that there is a higher purpose to your life, even if you don’t entirely understand all the details of it, then you’re way ahead of most people.

And if you have that much insight, isn’t it time to be kind and loving to yourself about it?

No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s the perfect experience for you in the now moment.

Hugs —

a great way to move out of

self-criticism and into self-love.

Here are some hugs to inspire you.

hugs-tree-human hugs-tiger hugs-dogs hugs-kittens hug yourself smile Hug Yourself.


Once your love yourself more and learn to stay out of judgment and put a kabash on self-criticism, it’s time to start applying that generosity of spirit to others.

Consider adopting this way of being in the world …

“I accept that no one is trying to hurt me whenever hurtful words or cruel behavior come my way. I accept unconsciousness occurs as a way for others to show me how deeply they suffer. I further accept the unconsciousness of others does not require me to lash out and match their vibration, nor does it reflect back anything unconscious about me.

Instead, I allow every act of unconsciousness to inspire a more loving response, as I witness an unconscious world helping me evolve, at the rate in which I act out the very choices I’ve waited for others to embrace.

This doesn’t justify anyone’s unconscious behavior, or mean that I should put myself in situations that compromise my well-being. It allows me to go wherever my qualities and talents are honored, while acting upon my soul’s highest wisdom, as a way of energetically helping those who suffer to find their way home.”

– Matt Kahn

Everyone is struggling.  Just listen to the news.

Everyone seeks love and acceptance.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to be loved and accepted for who he or she is?

Everyone has challenges.  I’ve never met anyone who didn’t.  Have you?

If you just answered, “yes,” my guess is that you don’t really know that person very well.

When you can accept each person where that person is in the now moment, you are moving into the vibration of Compassion.

Compassion is something you have to nurture so it will grow within you.  It has to be fed and watered brought to life.  You do that each day each time you make a decision to love yourself more and to love and accept others.

As you nurturing compassion within yourself?

Free hug. hug coupon snoopy

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  1. Doug Hagens

    Nedda, compassion is on my mind right now especially. It helps me to see what’s going on. The only thing I know is fundamentally true is that we all want to have the freedom to be who we are. It’s certainly true in my life. And I’m most grateful when others allow me this freedom, for me at the heart of what loving is. This helps me to relax and wait for the universe (or person) to do what they are about to do. I give myself this freedom and allow it in others the best way I can.

  2. Doug Hagens

    Loving, showing compassion can mean standing out of the way, not interfering because there is no need to . . .

    “What I am really saying is that you don’t need to do anything, because if you see yourself in the correct way, you are all as much extraordinary phenomenon of nature as trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the flickering of fire, the arrangement of the stars, and the form of a galaxy. You are just like that, and there is nothing wrong with you at all.”

    — alan WAtts

    • Nedda

      Doing anything can interfere with the other person’s karma. There’s nothing wrong with anyone or anything, really. Infinite Intelligence does not judge. That’s was it means to be in compassion – loving without judgment and allowing the other to just be whomever he or she is. There’s nothing to fix. Same is true for each of us.

  3. Doug Hagens

    If I saw myself as clouds, the waters, the flickering of fire I would always know what to do.

  4. Doug Hagens

    This is an interesting concept of Alan Watts, not generally held. We’re not obligated to act for any reason, but our heart may suggest we move to certain rhythms — as the sun and moon rise and fall, the sea moves with the tides and the flowers and trees sway to the wind.

    Sounds poetic, but it’s just listening to our heart, moving to our heart and forgetting reason, rules and roles for while, taking time to be authentic.


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