Relying on Logic Is Counter-Intuitive Living

by | Mar 22, 2016

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Thinking vs. Feeling Brain

Optimal Living Requires

Using Both Sides of Your Brain.

Left-Right Brain Function.

It doesn’t make “sense” to be left-sided.

The right side of the brain is essential

for living a joyful life.

We live in an upside-down, inside-out world in which being logical and rational is highly prized, while being a feeling person is denigrated. ridiculed, stigmatized, and punished.

Why does our society emphasizes logic and being rational and “reasonable?”

Being logical and rational is being like a machine  – a computer –  not like a human being.

Do we value the machine point of view over the human one?

Are we trying to convince ourselves that we should all be more like computers?

Did you know that there are no equivalent words for “be logical.”  You can’t say “be emotionable” or “be feelingable.”

Without the equivalent words, it’s difficult to even speak about this topic.

Have you been called “reactive” because you feel and express strong emotions?

“Reactive” is a pejorative term, expressing disapproval and even contempt.

If you or your behaviors have been labelled “reactive” it means that you are not fitting into the accepted pattern of non-feeling.

Consider another perspective.

  • The ability to feel may be more valuable than the ability to be logical.

  • The ability to feel includes emotions, but is much more expansive.

  • The ability to feel connects us to nature and to our own nature … our spiritual self.

  • It’s more human and more spiritually developed to feel than it is to think logically.

  • Higher brain function is not logical or rational, but rather intuitive, holistic, psychic, and creative.

  • If we valued the ability to feel, we might also value the ability to empathize – to feel what someone else is feeling.

  • If more people were empathic, i.e, able to feel what others are feeling, and if we learned to rely on how situations feel to us, then abuse of humans, children, animals, and all other life forms would dramatically decrease and fade away.

Take steps to get in touch with your feelings.

  1. Listen to the words you speak.  When you say, “I think …” you are in your head, not in your feelings, not in your heart, and not even in the “right” side of your brain.

  2. Change the words you speak.  When you find yourself saying, “I think …”  Stop yourself, say, “I feel ….” and consider how you actually feel.  Then express your feelings as best you can in words.

  3. Notice what others are saying and how they are using language to keep themselves in their logical mind.

  4. Ask yourself, “How does noticing my feelings improve my life?”

These few steps can help you get in touch with your feelings and become more intuitive, more psychic, more creative, and more in touch with your own higher power – your God Self.

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