Kindness and Struggle.

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Why Do You Continue to Struggle?

Do you believe that life is a struggle?Do you believe that “life is a struggle?”

I can’t imagine that we would value our lives if they weren’t challenging, but most of the time we fail to appreciate that the value of a challenge may be to let go, allow, trust, and flow.

The value of a challenge may be to learn to let go of struggle, thus learning to appreciate all that we are, all that we already have, and all that we have the power to bring to ourselves without struggle.

Perhaps we would benefit from taking a look at our lives to understand why most of us feel we are struggling.

So if you feel like a lonely elephant crawling up a steep sand dune, sliding backward with each attempt to move upwards, you might at some point decide that it’s time to try another way.

You can begin to make new choices.

Start by making a list of what you’re struggling with.   The list will be uniquely yours, of course.

Here are some ideas for your list, but please make your own, more personal list.  Remember that your list and my list and your neighbors list will each be different, although there is likely to be some overlap.

And we all seem to be able to make this list quite easily, yes?  Give it a try!!

Some of the more common things that people struggle with today might be:

  • Having or keeping or finding a job.
  • Paying the mortgage (rent).
  • Having enough to eat every day.  (Yes, right here in the USA!)
  • Paying off debts (credit card; education; medical bills, and so forth).
  • Buying the latest and greatest new thing.
  • Keeping “up” with the neighbors.
  • Addictions (gambling, cigarettes, drugs – legal and illegal, co-dependent relationships, shopping, TV, video games, texting, Tweeting, and so forth).
  • Recovering from or learning to live with chronic physical, emotional, or mental challenges.
  • Restoring physical health and well-being.
  • Taking care of other family members.


If you are a bit more spiritually awakened, you might also list:

  • Loving myself and others without conditions.
  • Being kind to myself and others.
  • Finding inner peace.
  • Managing my emotions anger, fear, anxiety, and other dense emotional patterns.
  • Coping with people who reflect things about myself that I don’t like (i.e., people whom I find annoying).
  • Feeling all my feelings.
  • Feeling connected and supported.
  • Feeling grounded, i.e., connected to the Earth.


I’m sure you can make an even longer list than this, but these are a few jumping off points.  Take time to make as long a list as you possibly can.  You can even take a few days if you like.

After you make your list, ask yourself,

Do I believe that “struggle” will

resolve any of these things?

After asking this questions, write down the first answer that pops into your head.

Then ask yourself,

Has “struggle” permanently

resolved any of these things in the past?


After writing down your answer, ask your heart,

Heart, will “struggle” permanently

resolve any of these things

for me in the future?

What does your heart tell you?

When we are being kind to ourselves, we are being honest and filled with integrity.  If you’re answering honestly, you might have received answers that are difficult to hear – that struggling, while it may sometimes be useful and save your life, most of the time will not bring resolution to anything on your current list.

Is than an unexpected answer?  If so, you might be feeling some fear right now, so take a deep breath or two before continuing.

Please understand that when you stop struggling, it doesn’t mean you are giving up.


When we struggle, we are

  • out of alignment with our Soul Plan;
  • off our personal path;
  • confused and exhausted;
  • disconnected from our True Self.


When we stop struggling, we make it possible to reconfigure ourselves and our lives.

  • We can gently allow ourselves to flow back into alignment.
  • We suddenly can see our personal path again.
  • Our confusion fades away as we recover from the exhaustion of struggling.
  • Our personal connection to our higher guidance returns.


  • We become more open to receiving the gifts that are just waiting there for us to stop struggling and notice them.
  • In this way, we discover the riches and beauty that are already waiting for us.

Giving up the endless struggle is an act of kindness to yourself.  It’s a matter of changing your beliefs, your personal perspective.

Look at the rewards!

As you align with your Soul Path and receive clarity and higher guidance, you will more easily know what is best to do in any given situation.  You will feel more supported, be more open, feel more at ease, and be more at peace.  You will start receiving more love, more connection, more ease at every level of your being, including the physical.

I invite you to become kinder to yourself by choosing a new way to be.

Are you ready to stop struggling and to be kind to yourself?

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